Punch — 82.1882

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May 20, 1882.]



No. 182. Bargaining with an old Property-
Master. flenry Woods, A.

No. 661. Evenings at Horae ; or, Teaching Grandmamma
the Three-Card Trick. E. GL Cotman.




The Bookmaker. “ Have some-
on! ” Ed. Armitage, R.A.

No. 206. Silhouette Landscape—
Blackheath. William Padgett.


G-. E. Hxcks.

Brayvo, ’lcks!

No. 444. A Briar Attachment.

It ’s Icksellent!

No. 530. A Decided Snuh. Maky L. Watj.ek.

No. 546. M. Lahouchere, M.P.. Sittinafnrhis Pnrtrait. N.B. The
subject mig-ht have been more flattered had the representative of
Truth been painted by A. Storey, instead of by A. Baccani.

No. 561. Discovered ! “ Please, Sir, I xvasn’t doing anything at

the bureau! ” W. Q. Obchardson, R.A.

No. 587. Fox and Geese. H. Weigall.

No. 620. Sir Henry Hawkins \_Fancy Portrait], “ No it ain’t,”
says ’Arry, “ it ’s Mister Arting a ’Aivkin ! ” W. S. Hekbert.

No. 635, 636, 637. Sea and Pocky, by Stoney.

No. 678. “ Mind your Stops ! or, Tempus Fugue it.” Female

organism. Edavin Long, R. A.

“ Boat Gone! Luggage Lost ! ” Htlda Montalba.
Irving Appealing to the Gods. E. Barnard.

Fan-See Portraits, China. N. Ohevalter.

Signora Tamhourini. Arthhr Hlll.

_“ I defy any one to take me! ” exclaimed the gallant
’ll have a shot at you anyhow, though you ’re not pigeon-

No. 679.
No. 684.
No. 688.
No. 701.
No. 708.
soldier. “

breasted,” cried Dr. Carver’s artistic antagonist. “ Confound it,”
began the irate offlcer ; but it was too late, his indignant expression
had been caught by A. Stuart Wortley.

No. 717. The Unready Reckoner ; or, another version of Lefch’s
celebrated “ Irritable G-entleman disturbed by a Bluebottle.”
George Reid.

No. 731. Reeds Entire. J. M. Sotjthern.

No. 787. A War Correspondent corresponding with the original
A. Forbes, admirablv painted bv Hubert Herkomer, A.

No. 813. The Fight for the Standard. Our Sir Joifn will follow
this up next year with A Contest for the Morning Post, A Pow
about the Datly News, A Struggle for the Telegraph, and so on.
Full of fire and dash is the expression of these warriors’ eyes, and
probably something stronger than “ dash ” is the expression in these
warriors’ mouth3. Sir John Gtlbert, R.A.

No. 833. Fscaped from the Grosvenor Gallery. Jessie Mac-


No. 845. “ This is the Way to Travelif youwant to Enjoy Your-

setf.” R. Hillingeord.

No.510. HandyAndy. EdgarHanley.

No. 262. The Automaton ; or, How
it ’s done. A P ycho-logical Study,
dedicated to Maskelyne and Cook.
J. H. Liinner.

No. 264. In such a jolly boat! A
rough sketch of ploughing tbe sea
with ihe aid of a Tiller. Albert

No. 391. French
prophetic soul!-
Yan Beers.

rm ancle

“O my
” Jan

No. 692. Barking. Isle of Dogs.
Percy Macquoid.

No. 1515. Liogenes prevented from
geitieg, out of his 'l'ub by tbe Inde-
iicate Conouct of some very li'rward
Young Women. J. Warm- Yaier-

No. 468. Tra i.eii Lmii i-ehear-nig
privately. Bnton lUvieiY, R.A.

Yol. 82.

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