Studio: international art — 7.1896

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Awards in "The Studio" Prise Competitions

Loudoun (W. D. White, Bourtree
Bank, Newmilns, Ayrshire, N.B.);
Lill (Lillie Gertrude Slater, Laurel
Bank, Malton); Max (David M.
Tyre, 3 Florence Place, W., Glas-
gow) j Mik (Michael James Hall, 5
Nelson Square, Bradford); Nancy
(Anne Heynes, Copton Hall, Alve-
church, Worcestershire); Pavo
(Miss J. F. Peake, Perthewig, Bed-
font, Middlesex); Princess Fuzz
(Mrs. Langston Day, Baldock,
Herts); Rosa (James Lee Bradley,
Syston, near Leicester) ; Seda
(A. de Sauty, C.S. "Mirror,"
Eastern Telegraph Company,
Gibraltar); Sir Galahad (H. C.
Graff, Pontac Villa, Westdown

"marsh leaves" (david NUTt) from a photograph by p, h. emerson rq^ catfordj sk) . &aweed

A (Mrs. A. Harris, Lunefield,

(Eunice F. Brennand, The Fort, Milverton, Somer- Kirkby Lonsdale); Snowdrop A (Mrs. Florence

set); Cactus (Charles E. Eldred, H.M.S. "Terror," Hyde, 46 Bridge Street, Derby); The C Shell

Bermuda); Clyde (T. S. Galbraith, Brighouse); (Wedgewood Anderson, 11 Great Western Street,

Darkle (T. H. Wakefield, Hadley Green, Barnet); Moss Side, Manchester); and Waterlily (J. Wilson

Diaphane (W. Tyndale, Springvale, Habberley Forster, The White House, Bedford Park, W.);

Road, Kidderminster); Endeavour (Shirley B.Wain- Awake (W. E. Shrimpton, 258 Queen's Road,

wright, 147 Hall Road, Handsworth, Birmingham); Battersea Park, S.W.); Alchemilla (Mary L. Good-

Eastwood (Kate Maude Broomhead, Eastwood, acre, 21 Portsea Place, Connaught Square, W.);

Hathersage, near Sheffield) ; Fan A. (Dora Holme, Corrie (Clara Derrick, 39 Sydenham Hill, Cotham,

The Red House, Bexley Heath, Kent); Jo A. Bristol); Diaphane (W. Tyndale, Springdale, Hub-

(Edith Josephine Gedge, Ashley Grange, Bristol); berley Road, Kidderminster); Ldler (L. Tyler,

marsh leaves " (david NUTT)


from a photograph bv p. h. emerson
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