Studio: international art — 7.1896

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Awards in "The Studio" Prize Competitions

(Florence S. K. Joyce, Weston, Poplar Avenue,
Edgbaston, near Birmingham).

Honourable mention is given to the following :
Annie (Rosa J. English, Blenheim House, Alcester
Road, King's Heath, Birmingham); Bell (Miss B.
C. MacGibbon, 23 Learmouth Terrace, Edin-
burgh) ; Cathedra (Juliet Williams, Yanwath,
King's Road, Richmond, Surrey); Chef (Arthur
Cooke, 61 Hargrave Park, Upper Holloway, N.);
Coolgrena (Edith M. Breton, Coolgrena House,
Queenstown, co. Cork); Dolce far niente (Miss J.
Robinson, 64 Chardmore Road, Stoke Newington,
N.); Dervish (Mrs. Peel, The Bedfords, Rock
Ferry, Cheshire); Hal-mil (Millicent E. Douglas,
Braehead House, Londonderry, Ireland); Harebell
(Mabel Brindley, Tittesworth, Florence Road,
Boscombe, Hants); Mary (Annie H. Best, 37
Lilyville Road, Fulham, S.W.); Poppy (Kate
Garrard, Campsie, Hayne Road, Beckenham);
Principia (Miss J. L. Findlay, 3 Rothesay Terrace,
Edinburgh); Rest (Agnes C. Martin, 45 South
Road, Handsworth, Birmingham); and Snmvdrop
(Mrs. George Hyde, 46 Bridge Street, Derby).

We give below the colourings and working of
the designs illustrated:

Nemo.—This should be worked with cable silks
on Persian linen; the flowers, leaves, larger stalks,
and border in herring-bone stitch; the smaller
stems in crewel stitch; the petals of the flowers
should be outlined in a finer silk; the back
of the cushion to be worked in the same manner
and finished with a full deep frill of soft green silk.
The border, stalks, and smaller stems and petals
are in brown, the flowers a deep yellow, and the
leaves in two shades of green.

Jo.—The background of this design to be
worked in dark blue, the outline and veins of the
leaves in a light and dark green, the flowers out-
lined with brown, the flowers and leaves being one
shade of buff.

Annie.—To be worked in crewel stitch and
French knots on fawn-colour silk, with green velvet
or silk border; the outline of figure and gar-
ments and stems of flowers in a rich brown ; the
leaves of the latter in green, the flowers them-
selves in shaded blue, the powdering on the gar-
ments in green.

Bell.—This design is intended to be worked on
satin in fillo-floss silk ; the leaves, flowers, and stems
in satin stitch; white puffs in daisy stitch and
French knots ; the groundwork is of pale blue, the
stems in claret colour, while the borders and
leaves are of dark green, as are also the veins on
the upper flowers and buds, which are yellow.

Chef.—The working of this design, which has
borders and outlines in violet, with dark green
filling and centre in two shades of yellow, should
be : Border in twist silk, basket stitch sewn down
with Berlin silk, twist silk leaves in brick stitch,
sewn down with Berlin silk; the flowers in floss
silk, long and short stitch, the outline in brick
stitch twist silk.

Principia.—To be worked on linen in filoselle
silk, leaves in crewel stitch, flowers in thick threads
crossed by thin ones of gold-coloured silk, and
outlined with black, stamens, &c, in gold tinsel;
the flowers to be in deep red, with stems and
leaves in brown, the corners in violet, the whole
on a buff ground.

Dolce far neinte.—The ground of this design
to be of yellow silk, the stalks, leaves, seed vessels,
and sepals to be darned in filoselle of pale shades
of green and blue, and outlined with brown
twisted silk in stem stitch ; flowers in red, with
stamens and outlines in brown.

Poppy.—To be worked on green satin in shades
of green, grey, and pink, in crewel stitch.

Snowdrop.—To be worked on Tussore silk in
three shades of blue in stem stitch.

Dervish.—The background of this design to be
of pale bluish-green satin cloth with thick em-
broidery silk, pale gold for flowers, with orange
filling, leaves of a bright olive, and brown stems.

Coolgrena.—A groundwork of unbleached linen
to be worked with embroidered flax threads, with
long and short stitches for shading, and fancy
stitch for flower centres; the leaves are in shades
of green and the flowers of blue.

Photographs from Nature.
A Street Scene.
(D XXI.)

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Gallic (Seymour Conway, Englecroft, Beckenham).

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Back-
seesh (Ernest R. Ashton, Camden Park, Tun-
bridge Wells).

Honourable mention is given to the following :—
Bosham (Edward E. Manwaring, 73 Lansdowne
Place, Hove, Brighton); Fog (John Atkinson, no
address given); Timon (W. E. Dowson, Mapperly
Road, Nottingham); Alca facta (D. De Clercq,
Grammont, Belgium): also to Baloo (Miss M.
Fry, Goldney House, Clifton, Bristol); Black Pear
(Mrs. George E. Hyde, Foregate Street, Wor-
cester) ; Sirius (A. Pieren, Lieut. Royal Dutch
Navy, The Hague); and Sherlock (Georgina Mills,
Southwood, Croham Road, South Croydon).

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