International studio — 41.1910

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Studio- Talk

STUDIO-TALK. there is good prospect of the aims of its promoters

(From Our Own Correspondents^)


being realised. Every one of our readers, who
belong to all nationalities, will, we know, share
ON DON.—In the Sixth Annual Report of with us the fervent hope that the pacific influence
the National Art Collections Fund, which the late Sovereign brought to bear on affairs
recently issued, numerous interesting ac- at large will be continued under his successor in
quisitions are recorded, but prominence the exalted office to which he has been called.

is, of course, given to the acquisition of Holbein's -

Duchess of Milan, the formal transfer of which to The beautiful drawing of a Tiger's head, by the

the nation took place on November 9th, the birth- late J. M. Swan, R.A., which we reproduce as a

day of his late Majesty. As is well known, King frontispiece to the present number, thus inaugurat-

Edward took a keen interest in the work of the ing the fiftieth volume of this magazine, will come

Fund, of which he was Patron, and gave practical as an additional reminder to art lovers of the great

proof of his sympathy with it by inaugurating a importance and interest of the collection of studies

Special Reserve Fund to meet sudden emergencies, and sketches of animals, which remains in his

such as that which confronted the executive when studio. These studies are inimitable in their

the Holbein was offered to them. Their present masterly revelation of his extraordinary powers of

Majesties, King George V. and Queen Mary, observation, and their artistic value could scarcely

were also contributors to this fund, and if, as be too highly estimated; so there is matter for

is probable, His Majesty confers on this movement sincere congratulation in the announcement that a

the patronage given to it by his illustrious father scheme is on foot to secure a large selection of


(I'm chased by H.I.M. the German Emperor ; reproduced by permission of Sir L. Alma-Tadema, O.M., R.A.)

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