International studio — 41.1910

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{From Our Own Correspondents.)


ON DON—At a meet-
ing of the Royal
Academy held at the
close of June Mr.
Charles Napier Hemy, A.R.A.,
so widely known as a painter
of marine pictures, was pro-
moted to full membership.
Mr. Hemy, who was born in
1841, is a native of Newcastle-
on-Tyne, and it was at the
Jj^fij ^rt sc^00^ °f that town that

si^^^y ^2ii8^S^^w 'n art **'s ^rst Academy pic_

ESLwW ^^Ka'BI^MMPMBP^K^ exhibited

ff-_'^^^«jt JHRM^H^MkI was twenty-four, af'lcr which he

jjj|^^^^^|^^^^i*r' lived and worked for

most part in England, making

"a village washing place" by mary barton his home from 1882 onwards

at Falmouth. He was elected

beauties which we cherish
in hot-houses at home.

Mexico is a wonderful t I

country of interest and Bp ti^tBHKtM

beauty, quite unexploited
by the European artist,
and thoroughly repays
one for the long voyage

and the various discom- HflHiJiVnHK

forts of travel in its in-

terior, which are much ^*
alleviated by the kind

hospitality and sympathy HHHBBEk I

of the scattered English
residents. M. B.

The new Turner Wing
added to the National
Gallery of British Art at
Millbank, by the gift of the
late Sir Joseph Duveen,
and containing the pic-
tures and drawings from
the Turner Collection, was

opened to the public last ^^^^MTfir^YKSw. ytf- fi W&w

month. "garden of the san angel inn'

by mary barton

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