International studio — 41.1910

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The Deutscher Kunstlerbund

' fish in the bay" (oil) (The property offohn Kirkland, Esq.) by william wells

possession of Mr. Arthur Kay, whose well-known
predilection for the Old Masters, particularly of the
Dutch and Flemish schools, makes this appreciation
all the more striking. J. T.


The Union of Artists known as the Deutscher
Kunstlerbund is virtually an organisation of inde-
pendent art workers, old and young, whose common
aim is to stimulate and foster individual expression
in the diverse phases of art practised by its ad-
herents, for, recognising the essential kinship—a
kinship arising from a common parentage—of what
are usually designated the " fine " arts of painting,
sculpture, etc., and the arts of design, the Bund
endeavours to encourage all modes of genuine
artistic talent. This year, however, instead of hold-

ing one comprehensive exhibition of the work of
its members, it has deemed it expedient to try the
experiment of having two, the one set apart for
paintings being held at Darmstadt, as the centre
of advanced principles in modern art, and the
other, devoted to the " graphic " arts, comprising
drawings of various species, etchings, wood engrav-
ings and lithographs, being held at Hamburg,
where a keen and growing interest in works of this
character is being shown by collectors and others.

In both of these displays there is no doubt
much creditable work, but a closer scrutiny proves
that in one respect certainly that brought together
in Commeter's Galleries at Hamburg is the more
interesting. Here the younger men seem to be
steadily advancing, while at Darmstadt (where, by
the way, the plastic and applied arts are also repre-
sented, though not on a large scale) they are con-
spicuous not indeed by their absence, but by the
absence of that freshness and vigour which go far
to redeem the shortcomings of youthful self-

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