International studio — 41.1910

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Designs for an Entrance Lodge



Wi -T^^ ^^V. ■ ^BBSSH problem they had to solve,

■«■». _<<r.^>*^*^T^^^^^ ^^jflfl^' ^^^v^'^*^»5j ancl> as a rule, the designs

k<^^|y standard of merit, both in

BnVivuV design and execution, while

lwrSvSfll ISSS^F ^ 'S P^easmS t0 note that

•''>v ■* there are, as compared

^dk. Wr^K^K with former occasions,

^pP^fiflP^ fewer designs showing an

SScflfM»SA^SH^^^^ incompetence and ignor-

^^^^™^*'"*4*i"^^^ ance that must irritate the


collar, belt, and pocket by martha y. macintyre jn tng present Case the

is willing to spend some of the best
years of her life, and to which she
readily dedicates her undoubted genius,
as it enters into the highest form of
expression modern art is capable of.

There are those who affirm that
modern art is dead, that it was but the
craze of an expiring century, with no
excuse but the flattering tribute of a few
perfervid followers to the genius of
William Morris. Such dogmatism
would not survive a visit to the Glasgow
School of Art, and to the hundred
studios in the city where Art and Craft
arc practised as if they began and ended Rjl§fijMjMS^|
in the individual exponents. This is

one of the healthiest signs of the times ; Hsfll
it will prevent the recurrence of a period KjlME^^K^iW'^fv^/^r^^T^^^^^^^ttW

of degradation such as distinguished ^^^3^^PH|mMV||

the Victorian and insure that Art KSftSj»W}WrYS^^

will be perennially interesting, because
in full sympathy with the time in which

it is practised. J- T. footstool cover by kliza mcmurray

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