Punch — 82.1882

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(April 19), the first anniversary of his death, bunches of
that blossom were wom by many of the friends and admirers
of “ the great Earl.”

Slippery (Cartoon).—See Note, p. 195. Mr. Smith’s de-
claration in favour of a peasant proprietary in Ireland, was
regarded as an attempt to catch the “ Irisb vote,” whicb
Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Eokster bad not succeeded in

The Revolt of Bacchus.—Tbe Eevenue from alcobolic
drinks bad considerably diminisbed, and tbis bad been in
some measure attributed to tbe growing popularity of coffee
and “ coffee palaces.” (See “ A Song of Sobriety,” p. 218.)

A Statue of Gladstone !—0 Joy !—Mr. Joy the
sculptor had executed a bust of tbe Premier.

May Queens at Epping Forest (Cuf).—Epping Eorest
bad been formally opened for public use by tbe Qiteen in
tbe presence of Lord Mayor Ellis and numerous civic
notables. It was by tbe efforts of tbe Oorporation tbat tbe
remains of tbe Forest bad been secured in perpetuity for tbe
use of tbe Public.

A New Departure (Cartoon).—Mr. Eorster bad
resigned bis position as Irisb Secretary, and it was believed
tbat tbe Qovernment contemplated a “new departure ” in
tbeir coercion policy.

The Irish Frankenstein (Ccirtoon).— Tbe borrible
murder, in tbe Pboenix Park, Dublin, of Lord Eredericii
Cavendish and Mr. Burke, seemed, to many, evidence tbat
tbe forces of anarcby invoked by Mr. Parnell and tbe
Land League had got beyond even sucb limited control as
tbey cared to exercise.

[January to June, 1882.

action in Egypt, and to pave tbe way to a renewal of tbe
Commercial Treaty. Mr. Parnell was in very evil repute,
in consequence of tbe recent tragedy in tbe Pboenix Park.
Ceteway^o was at tbe time in tbis country, still boping to
be restored as king to bis own. Sir Wilfrid Lawson was
urgently pusbing bis “ Local Option ” and otber temperance

Punch's Fancy Portraits (Cut).—Mr. Bymill, auc- 251
tioneer, was owner of tbe borse Bruce, wbicb was first
favourite for tbe Derby, wbicb, bowever, was won by tbe
Duke of Westminster’s filly Shotover.

Bearing the Bell (Cut).•—Some difficulty was expe- 251
rienced in the transportation of tbe new Bell “ Great Paul ”
to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St. Gothard’s Tunnel, or See, the Conquering Hero 254
Comes! (Out).—Tbe St. Gotbard Tunnel bad been “ opened ”
in tbis montb, May. Tbere bad been great festivities at
Lucerne, tbe ‘ ‘ Engineers ” being of course, tbe beroes of tbe
bour. (See “The Modern Deus ex Machind,” p. 255.)

“ Arrears ” (Gartoon).—Tbe Irish Arrears Bill had 259
passed a Second Eeading. It embodied tbe principle of “ gift
and compulsion ” as opposed to tbat of “ loan and voluntary
arrangement.” (See Introduction.)

“ Hold On! ” (Cartoon).—Tbe “ joint action” of England 271
and France in Egypt led to many delays and embarrass-
ments, bampering considerably tbe policy of our own

The Bell of the Season (Cut).—“ Great Paul ” tbe 278
new bell for St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Punch’s Fancy Portraits (Cut).—Professor Baref was
tbe inventor of Boro-Glycerine, wbicb claimed to be a most
effectual preserver of meat and otber cdibles.

On the Hill (“ Derby” Cartoon).—Explanatory Mems:
—Mr. Goschen was not in tbe Cabinet, and Mr. Forster
bad lately resigned. Mr. Bright bad recently propounded
bis “ Eorce no Eemedy” dictum, witb wbicb Mr. Cham-
berlain was believed to agree. Lord Granville was still
endeavouring to conciliate Frencb opinion as regards our

A Transient Triumph (Cartoon).—Mr. Gladstone, 283
tbe arcb-foe of tbe Turk, bad for politic reasons, been in-
voking tbe Sultan’s influence in Egyptian affairs. (See

The Neddy of the Nile (Cartoon).—England and 295
Erance still found difficulty in cordially co-operating in
Egypt, of wbicb state of affairs tbe Sultan was not slow to
take advantage. Tbe “Eing Master” is of course Prince
Bismarcic pursuing a policy of “ watcbful neutrality.”
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