Studio: international art — 7.1896

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Awards in " The Studio" Prise Competitions

Illustrated by C. E. Brock. (London : Chapman

& Hall, Ltd. Price 6s.)—Mr. Brock's illustrations A WARDS IN "THE STUDIO"

to these weird and somewhat uncanny stories are / \ PRIZE COMPETITIONS.

of especial excellence, and they fully merit the A—\ Design for Damask Table Linen.

tribute the author pays to them in his preface A x \. (A XXXVI)

word of praise should be given to the Swan En- ™ „

graving Co. for the manner in which they have /he. f'RSJ PRI*E » awarded to

reproduced the drawings. <Fwderic GforSe ^g^, 45 King Street,

The Pageant. (London: Henry & Co.).-A Mor^'near ^s).

cross between the Dial and the Yellow Bool, A ™6JEC0»D P«= <™*< *° Honey-

, . , ... , ... , , t . "ickle (Miss Boon, Willemstraat 26, The Hague),

pleasant mongrel withal, combining much that is „ ' s '

, . j. , ■«,,•„ \ , The Third Prize (Taw pounds) to Paper Boss

clever in /z« at literature, though strange in its ,nu 1 Air j ah "t « t-., ,

, . y . , ' f , B. . (Charles Alfred Allen, 50 Lome Street, Kidder-

admixture, with some more or less fascinating minster)

examples of modern moyen a?e art. TT ,

1 __f Honourable mention is given to the following :

Messrs. Geo. Rowney & Co. are offering to AHne (Jacques Joseph Houry, Preston House,
artists and to amateurs a new and very convenient Lancashire Road, Bristol); Flax (J. W. Hammond,
little sketching case with block, palette, colours, 9 Burns Street> Nottingham); Passiflora (Alfred
and brushes complete. The requirements of the C Hooker, 9 Gladstone Road, Watford); Sweet
sketcher in water-colours have been so well thought Pea (J- Foord> Evegate, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent),
out in its arrangement, and it is so compact withal The four ahove mentioned designs have been
that we can thoroughly recommend it to any one in phased by Messrs. Erskine Beveridge cV Co.
search of such an object. Limited. Honourable mention is also awarded to :
_ Egyptian Lotus (Ellen C. Greer, 44 Harcourt

The Commissioners of Sewers of the City of Street, Dublin); and Picotee (William Tyndale,

London have in hand a scheme for determining Springvale, Habberley Road, Kidderminster).

the best way of lighting the smaller streets in the

City; and their first experiments in Bow Lane,

where very decorative brackets fitted with incan- Subject : " Spring."

descent lights have been erected, and in Watling (B XXX.)

Street, where two girders fixed across the roadway ,„, „ „ ._, . . , ,

' 0 , , . . I he First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to

on brackets support suspended arc lamps, are in . .

rr . , . . ason (John I turtle, The Elms, Banstead Road,

every respect encouraging. Not merely is it most £ vj gurre )

satisfactory to find a public body considering decora- '___/' . . .

3 1 . . . , . The Second Prize (Half a guinea) to Pibroch

tive effect as a part of its experiment, but also to .„ „ . , , ' 0 '

. . 1 . . , . , , (Scott Calder, c/o Mrs. laylor, i^o Sydney Street,

note the artistic spirit shown in these lamp supports. Qleisea SW)

In all of them the requirements are fulfilled simply rT ■ ■ . ' , „

^ . f Honourable mention is given to the following:

and thoroughly, and at the same time a genuine ^ (Sunderland Rollinsori) I2 Princess Street>

artistic use of the material is as noticeable as the ^ ^ whi

satisfactory by which it is expressed. Burton near Stafford). Clymping (Louis

It is difficult to understand why the average John Ginnett, 27 Wellington Road, Brighton);

standard or bracket employed in street lighting Juggins (Laura Johnson, 9 Park Street, Notting-

should be almost without exception absolutely ham) > Kate (Ethel Kate burgess, 2 Lilford Road,

hideous. If the Commissioners of Sewers inaugu- Camberwell); Sir Pelleas (H. C. Graff, Pontac

rate a better state of things in this respect, they will Vllla> Westdown Road, Catford, S.E.); and Ursa

not merely earn the gratitude of artists, but of the Minor (Enid Ursula Jackson, 12 Forest Road,

public generally. For the most part people are only Birkenhead).

content with things as they are because they accept Design fqr ^ Embroidered Cushion Cover.

ugliness as part of utility. Local governing bodies XXVIII)

do not often protest against this fallacy, and the ' ''

admirable example of so powerful a body as the The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to

City Commissioners should afford a precedent that, Nemo (Jessie Hay, The Cedars, Westgate Road,

if followed, would certainly do much to educate Beckenham).

public taste. The Second Prize (Half a guinea) to Jo

Design in Black and White.
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