Studio: international art — 8.1896

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The Salon of the Champ de Mars


M. Desbois ; of M. Dampt's bed, and of nearly all memorial badges, in which he rivals our finest
the window-glass, the bindings, and the furniture, medal engravers, such as Roty and Chaplin. He
So far as workmanship goes, almost all of it is per- has also tried his hand with no small degree of
feet, but the conception is for the most part quite success at coloured and embossed lithographs,
foreign to the object which it is desired to realise, which have a most curious effect.
There are a few things, however, deserving dis- Another sculptor, M. Vallgren, exhibits several
tinction, and I will place in the first rank the tasteful silver dishes, plates and spoons,
blown glass by M. Karl Kcepping, M. Alexandre Brief mention must also be made of M. Rene
Charpentier's bronze plaquettes and stamped Wiener's bindings, M. Victor Prouve's decora-
leather, and M. Vallgren's statuettes. M. tive wall-panelling, M. Bigot's enamelled stone-
Kcepping's glass is delightfully simple and light, and ware, M. Edme Couty's cloth designs and mural
supremely artistic. How infinitely preferable this hangings, M. Halou's door-plates, serviette rings
plainly treated, graceful material, which is really and sockets, all genuinely decorative, not forgetting
glass, to the over-elaborate metallic complications the exhibits of MM. Morren, Muller, Ranson,
of Tiffany. Pierre Roche, Lachenal, Dammouse and
M. Alexandre Charpentier occupies a pro- Delaherche. Nor must I omit to refer to the
minent place among those French artists who, for work-table, furniture, windows and decorations
several years past, have not disdained to turn their designed and executed by M. Gustave Serrurier,
attention to decorative work. He brings to his of Liege, who in company with MM. Van Ryssel-
aid in this direction his remarkable talents as a berghe and Van de Velde, is engaged in furthering
sculptor, and nothing more charming can be a most interesting renaissance of industrial art in
imagined than his bronze door-plates and his Belgium.
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