Studio: international art — 8.1896

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Awards in " The Studio" Prize Competitions

importance of cloud effects, and a hundred other Atlas (T. H. Wakefield, Hadley Green, Barnet);

matters, are well digested, reasonable and clearly Acrone (Sunderland Rollinson, 12 Princess Street,

stated. Scarborough); Complex (Frank Ivimey, 1 Downe

Plants and their Application to Ornament. Terrace, Richmond); Chatnoirville (J. J. Houry,

Edited by Eugene Grasset. In twelve monthly 16 Falmouth Road, Bishopston, Bristol); Excelsior

Parts. 8s. each net. (London: Chapman & Hall.) (J. M. Aiken, 61J Loch Street, Aberdeen);

Parts I. to IV.—In the parts that have at present Esperanza (May S. Tyrer, Southam Villa, Prest-

appeared of this beautifully printed work a number bury Road, Cheltenham); Lea (Gertrude E. Bayle,

of different artists have been employed, chief of South Bank, Margate); Pokey (Enid Jackson, 12

whom is M. P. Verneuil, so well known for Forest Road, Birkenhead); Poesy (Scott Calder,

his beautiful floral ornamentation. The scheme c/o Mrs. Taylor, 159 Sydney Street, Chelsea,

adopted for the presentation of the studies is one S.W.); Ranji (Chas. A. Allen, 50 Lome Street,

which is familiar to most teachers. Drawings of a Kidderminster); and Scrawl (Dorothy Harmon,

flower or plant in outline, tinted in natural colours, 4619 Lake Avenue, Chicago, 111.),
are first given so that the habit of growth as well as Design for Repousse Work Dish.

the characteristic form may be observed. Based (C XXXII.)

upon these forms, various schemes of design suit- The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to

able for wall decoration, stained glass, ceramic Sixpence (G. S. Tanner, The Knoll, Frith Hill,

work and similar purposes then follow. The plants Godalming).

which have received attention in the parts that The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Ulula

have at present appeared are the iris, poppy, water- (Bessie Ridpath, Ravenhead, Beckenham, Kent),
lily, columbine, gourd, crown imperial, geranium Honourable mention is given to the following :—

and cyclamen. Used in connection with instruc- Barney (Mabel Chandler, Station House, Alder-

tion as to the limitations and requirements of shot) ; Chatnoirville (J. J. Houry, 16 Falmouth

manufacture, such as supplied in the excellent Road, Bishopston, Bristol); Doctor (Agnes C.

manual on " Practical Designing," published by Martin, 45 South Road, Handsworth, Birming-

George Bell & Sons, this series of French studies ham); Mav (May Dixon, Mulberry Green, Harlow,

should be of undoubted use to art masters and Essex); Ouvrier (J. H. Rudd, 17 Richmond

students of ornament. Street, Barnstaple); and Snozvdon (Jessie Hay,

The Cedars, Westgate Road, Beckenham).

Messrs. Reeves & Sons, Limited, have sent us a Photographs from Nature

new colour-box which they call the "Autolycus." Study of Field Flowers.

It is especially intended for outdoor sketch- ^rj XXV)

ing in oils, and is actually a colour-box, an easel, The FlRST Prize ^0ne guinea} js awarded to

and a palette combined. The construction is Lux (A> Keighley, Flosh House, Keighley).

most ingenious and thoroughly practical. The The Second Prize (Haifa guinea) to Phoebus

small space it occupies when closed, and the ease (A M_ Dorothea Maw, Severn House, Ironbridge,

with which it may be carried about, render it Salop).

particularly suitable for the travelling student and Honourable mention is given to the following :—

the artist globe-trotter. clover (Henry Irving, Darwen, Lanes.); Chic-a-lee

AWARDS IN " THE STUDIO" (Miss M> C- Cameron, Little Dewchurch Vicarage,
PRIZE COMPETITIONS Ross, Herefordshire); Dandelion (Miss Watson,
Briery Yards, Hawick, N.B.); Dormouse (Mabel
(A XXXVIII. and A XXXIX.) Newcombe, 1 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, S.W.); Fohn
The consideration of these competi- (Walter E. Hughes, Villa Corncordia, Davos Dorf,
tions is unavoidably postponed until next month. Switzerland); Flora (Joseph Casier, 91 Rue des
Design for a Title-Page. Remouleurs, Gand, Belgium); Kiltennel (Lady
(B XXXIV.) Eleanor Stopford, Courtown House, Gorey, Ire-
The First Prize (One guinea) is awarded to land); Numismatist (Walter Booth, 31 Thornton
Homie (Arabella L. Rankin, Muthill, Perthshire). Road, Bradford); Rector (Rev. W. A. Woodward,
The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Groom- Flax Bourton Rectory, Somerset, R.S.O.); Saddle-
bridge (P. R. Waller, 27 St. George's Road,, back (J. C. Smith, Nandana, Penrith); and Yellow
Pimlico, S.W.), facket (J. W. Palache, 900 Eddy Street, San
Honourable mention is given to the following :— Francisco, Cal.).

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