Studio: international art — 8.1896

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Awards in 11 The Studio " Prize Competitions

novelty of the subject, you return again to the
gulls poised in " an aery morrice " over the ice-
bound river. The poetry of the scene, its desola-
tion and loneliness, impress you no less than the
weird, unfamiliar aspect of the silent highway given
over to the birds. The advantage of complete
mastery of the material which this notable litho-
graph carries, is a proof, if proof were needed, that
the expert has overwhelming odds in his favour at
the start. One quality that is peculiarly noticeable
in the work of both these artists deserves apprecia-
tion. Mr. Whistler, as all men know, has used
lithography in his own inimitable fashion and en-
riched the craft with a century of masterpieces.
But here no suggestion of his strongly individual
method is discernible. Each draughtsman has
tried to set down what he saw with his own eyes,
and hence the result is one to be judged on its own
merits and praised accordingly. For all men can
raise the flower when all have the seed; and to
imitate Mr. Whistler with more or less—generally
much less—success is the misguided effort of a
score of lithographers. Mr. Charles Shannon and
Mr. Rothenstein have added to the art in ways
alike distinct from that of its greatest living ex-
ponent, and from those adopted here. But before
the work of each, one is not anxious to compare,
but content to enjoy the achievement of each litho-
grapher because he has dared to be himself. For
clever paraphrase and facile imitation do but help
to belittle the hero they profess to reverence; while
self-expressed personal work is always worth at-
tempting, and has in it a chance of immortality
which no mere paraphrase may hope to attain.


Design for an Advertisement.

The First Prize {Two guineas) is awarded to
Yarrah (Joseph Diplock, 24 Edburton Avenue,

The Second Prize {One guinea) to Clymping
(L. J. Ginnett, 27 Wellington Road, Brighton).

Honourable mention is given to the following:—
A. B. C. (Mary M. Wroe, 29 Clarendon Road,
Chorlton - on - Medlock, Manchester); Beatrice
(Alice B. Balls, "Branksome," Greenhill Park,
Harlesden, N.W.); Clyde (T. S. Galbraith, Brig-
house, Yorks) j Enid (Ethel Cassels Gillespy,
Wehrhahn 25, Diisseldorf, Germany); Eymore
Wood (William Tyndale, Springvale, Habberley
Road, Kidderminster); Hope (Glencairn Shaw, 12

Kennington Crescent, W.); Impluvium (W. M.
Barnes, 6 Park Avenue, Shear Brow, Blackburn);
Magenta (Alfred France, Horsforth, near Leeds);
Mik (M. J. Hall, 5 Nelson Square, Bradford);
Nosque (H. Walton, 82 Great Horton Road, Brad-
ford) ; and Spero (Florence Grant, " Waverley,"
Beckenham Road, Beckenham, Kent).

Design for a Poker-Work Panel.
(C XXX.)

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Pekin (Mary G. Houston, 139 Fulham Road,

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Psalm
(F. G. Froggatt, 45 King Street, Morley, near

Honourable mention is given to the following:
—Achilles (T. H. Wakefield, Hadley Green, Bar-
net) ; Doris (Jessie Hay, The Cedars, Westgate
Road, Beckenham); Impluvium (W. M. Barnes,
6 Park Avenue, Shear Brow, Blackburn); John
Wilkins (Juliet Williams, "Yanwath," King's Road,
Richmond, Surrey); Lysikrates (Janet Brennand,
Bradbourne Thorpe, Marlborough Road, Bourne-
mouth West); Mik (M. J. Hall, 5 Nelson Square,
Bradford); Pills (Charles M. Crosby, 19 Queen's
Square, W.C.); and Sixpence (George S. Tanner,
The Knoll, Frith Hill, Godalming).

Photographs from Nature.

Exterior of a Church

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Orchid (William Wainwright, Pembury Court,

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Butter-
cup (S. Conway, Inglecroft, Beckenham).

Honourable mention is given to the following :
Attenborough Church (Henry Johnson, 11 Ayr
Street, Nottingham); Aunt Sarah (Ada S. Boore,
Oatlands Park, Surrey); Black Pear (Mrs. Geo. E.
Hyde, Foregate Street, Worcester); Birchgrove
(Mrs. G. J. Hall, 71 Sackville Road, West Brigh-
ton) ; Chipstead (J. C. Smith, Nandana, Penrith);
Chic-a-lee (M. C. Cameron, Little Dewchurch
Vicarage, Ross, Herefordshire); Honor (Miss H.
Legge, Bramdean House, Alresford, Hants);
Hatun Bathun (Walter Rossiter, 5 Pulteney Street,
Bath); Newton Kyme (Rev. G. E. Simpson, 12
Newgate, Pontefract); Sans Luis Rey (T. H.
Palache, 900 Eddy Street, San Francisco, Cal.);
Silvanus (H. W. Simpson, Keble Cottage, Oxford);
Tredington (W. T. Greatbatch, 30 Smallbrook
Street, Birmingham); and Viator (B. Dickson, 7
Glenluce Road, Blackheath, S.E,).
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