Studio: international art — 8.1896

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Awards in " The Studio " Prize Competitions

Mr. Stearns, would now call the head of the Apollo
Belvedere " superhuman," or exclaim on entering
the Sixtine Chapel, " The inexpressible is here
accomplished ? " One more quotation—this time
evidently called from Mr. Stearns' own experiences
—and we have done. Of the Medusa, which he
extravagantly admires, he says in his enthusiasm :
"The face seems familiar to us. We fancy that
like Heine's devil, we have met her somewhere in
society, at Mount Desert, perhaps, or other fashion-
able resort. That she did not quite freeze our
blood was owing to the fine summer weather."
We commend Mr. Stearns to the enjoyment of
fashionable American summer resorts, and of the
young ladies who frequent them, but we advise him
to refrain in future from writing on a subject so
remote as art from what are apparently the pursuits
of his predilection.

Mary Logan.

Design in Black and White.
Subject : " Summer."
The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Jason (John Thirtle, The Elms, Banstead Road,
Ewell, Surrey).

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Pekin
(Mary G. Houston, 139 Fulham Road, S.W.).

Honourable mention is given to the following :
Aestas (J. Houry, 16 Falmouth Road, Bishopston,
Bristol); CI)'mping (Louis J. Ginnett, 27 Wellington
Road, Brighton) ; Clef (Stanros Homere, Wyken
House, Bridgnorth, Salop); Grumbler (Rosa C-
Petherick, Maple Lodge, Havelock Road, Croy-
don) ; Burly Burly (C. H. Burleigh, St. Aubyn
House, Montpelier Crescent, Brighton); Ilylus
(William Tyndale, Springvale, Habberley Road,
Kidderminster); Jacobus (Scott Calder, c/o Mrs.
Taylor, 159 Sydney Street, Chelsea, S.W.); Monkey-
Cat (Glencairn Shaw, 12 Kensington Crescent, W.);
Mont Blanc (A. Critchlow, Bowden Street, Burs-
lam, Staffs); May (May Dixon, Mulberry Green,
Harlow, Essex); March Hare (Ethel K. Burgess,'
2 Lilford Road, Camberwell); Rival (Fred Ashton,
34 Springcliffe, Manningham, Bradford) ; Sir Bors
(Henry C. Graff, Pontac Villa, Westdown Road,
Catford, S.E) ; and Voar (Edith A. Reynolds,
The Hollies, Tregonwell Road, Bournemouth).
Design for Metal Panel.

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to

Thistle (John M. Glover, 15 Trafalgar Square,
Chelsea, S.W.)

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Aline
(Jacques Houry, 16 Falmouth Road, Bishopston,

Honourable mention is given to the following:
Alp (C. W. Crosby, 19 Gordon Square, W.C);
Flo (Florence Grant, Waverley, Beckenham, Kent);
Harebell (Mabel Brindley, Tittesworth, Florence
Road, Boscombe, Hants); Jeremiah (C. G.
Dimma, 59 The Common, "Upper Clapton, N.E.);
Magpie (Gertrude M. Liddall, 19 Eaton Road,
Chester); Mermaid (Frederic Osborne, Waterloo,
Frome, Somersetshire); Pantile (Ralph Knott,
90 Oakley Street, Chelsea, S.W.); Richmond (R.
A. Mill, 10 Frankfort Street, Plymouth); Tommy
(Juliet N. Williams, Yanwath, King's Road, Rich-
mond, Surrey); and Toodles (Katharine M. Ward,
The Red House, Ewell, Surrey).

Photographs from Nature.

Picturesque Old Cottage
(D XXIV.).

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Hydrastes (W. Wainwright, Pembury Court, Kent).

The Second Prize {Half a guinea) to Warwick
(J. Liebreich, 6 Blenheim Road, Bradford, Yorks).

Honourable mention is given to the following:
Amiel (Ernst Lambert, 32 Milsom Street, Bath);
Borderer (D. Donaldson, 9 Railway Street, Ber-
wick-on-Tweed); Beeswing (Miss Comber, Leigh-
ton, Parkgate, Cheshire); . . . . (Miss E. L. Coles,
Elmfield, Streatham, S.W.); Dolphin (Miss M. M.
Leadbetter, Lismore, Broughty Ferry, N.B.);
Diana (Alice G. Legge, Bramdean House, Aires-
ford, Hants); Delta A (Seymour Conway, Ingle-
croft, Beckenham); Delta B (Norman Reckitt
Caen Wood Towers, Highgate, N.); Henry Kirke
White (Henry Johnson, 11 Ayr Street, Forest
Road, Nottingham); Leonellard (Leonard Steven-
son, 3 Harlaxton Street, Nottingham); Leras
(Walter Sarel, Monk's Grove, St. Ann's Hill,
Chertsey); Medicus (C. W. Chapman, M.D., 21
Weymouth Street, W.); Nightjar (R. A. Muntz,
Umberslade, near Birmingham); Penmaenrush
(Frank Casson, 84 Trinity Road, Handsworth,
Birmingham); Runswick (Henry Irving, Darwen,
Lanes); Rose tremere (R. J. Haines, 12 Beau-
mont Street, Oxford); St. Michaels Mount (M.
Tuke Tylor, 67 Ladbroke Road, W.) ; Shotteswell
(W. T. Greatbatch, 30 Smallbrook Street, Bir-
mingham) ; Tutamen (Mary L. Duffield, St.
Oswald's, Shortlands, Kent); and X Ray (A. H
C. Corder, 77 Buckingham Road, Brighton).
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