International studio — 31.1907

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Some New Meissen Porcelain

of an artist at the head of
the factory, which has for
years been virtually run by
business men. But to find
the proper man will be an
extremely difficult affair, for
hardly less than the evolu-
tion of some new style is
expected of him. Besides
being an energetic and
thoroughly personal artist,
he will have to be versatile
too ; for Meissen produces
a great variety of work, and
lots of different things are
expected of it. Finally,
Meissen has delayed enter-
ing the arena so long, that
it is about the last in the
field, and some of the finest
new departures — Copenhagen, Roerstrand—are
precluded, for, above all, Meissen must not
imitate what others have done before.


The authorities in charge have now fully awakened
to the exigencies of the case, and many projects are
broached for rejuvenating the fame of the Meissen
porcelain. One good result has been attained
right off. The reproduction of the work of later
designers, imitating Rococo wares, has been dis-
carded, and for Rococo work the old, original
and genuine models are alone used now. The
factory has preserved every pattern and model, by
the way, that has ever been made use of to this
day. Likewise the rich and solid, yet rather gay,
coloration of the old models is to be resorted to
in place of the later, more delicate, and subdued
palette, which is well enough in its way, but is not
appropriate to the old Rococo models. Thus,
so far as the modern production of Vieux Saxe is
concerned, everything seems to be upon a sound
and promising basis again. There will always be
a demand for Vieux Saxe for the purposes of house
decoration, and there is no reason why the products
of to-day should not be absolutely the equal of
those of 150 years ago.
It is much more difficult, of course, to set the
factory upon its legs as regards modern work,
work which takes into account the recent change
of taste and the everlasting human desire for
Quite a number ot steps have already been taken
with this end in view, but they lack precision and
sufficient forethought. Some artists have been
appointed to life positions at the factory, and as
ill-fortune would have it, the two most important
ones died not very long after having settled
at Meissen. It is extremely doubtful, however,

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