International studio — 31.1907

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Current Art Events

The Corcoran Gallery or Art
makes announcement that the trustees
have determined to hold a second exhi-
bition of contemporary American oil paintings in
December, 1908, or early in the year 1909.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Design re-
ports the remarkable record of 3,994 visitors for its
recent water colour exhibition. Twenty-six sales
were also made. It is interesting to note that Gari
Melchers was the purchaser of Frederic Nunn’s
Independence Hall.

base and steps surround the projecting rim of the
well proper, the incline being mounted with sod.
The projecting wall of the well is built up somewhat
on the lines of a Pueblo vase with shoulder lines and
a spout, narrowing slightly to the top. The mortar
was stained a blue green, which has blended pleas-
antly in tone with the moss. Two young forked
saplings were peeled and their bases set firmly into
the stonework. The four ends of the forks were
then forced into the holes of the ox-yoke, which
ordinarily hold the two collars. The ox-ring was
thus suspended in place to support the pulley. The
entire device is firm and durable and pleasantly
appropriate to its farmhouse surroundings.

An interesting use of an ox-yoke is shown in
the photograph here reproduced of a well designed
by J. Ward Stimson, at Redding, Conn. A broad

Photograph by Elizabeth G. Curtis


The Kennedy Free Library at Spartanburg,
S. C., has been holding an exhibition of paintings and
applied arts, which has been visited by people from
various parts of the State, and some
from North Carolina and Georgia.
Art magazines were placed on the
tables of the town library and
special lectures were given by pro-
fessors of the two local colleges. A
limited number of free tickets were
distributed among the pupils of the
public schools, to stimulate their
interest, and every effort has been
made to promote the success and
the value of the exhibition, which it
is hoped may be repeated next year.

The Art Institute of Chicago
is holding its nineteenth annual ex-
hibition of water colours, pastels and
miniatures by American artists.
There are over 420 entries, the exhi-
bition remaining open until June 16.
The Brooklyn Museum of
Arts and Sciences has placed on
exhibition the collection of Chinese
porcelains loaned by Col. Henry T.
Daniel Chester French is com-
pleting a seated heroic statue of the
late Senator Hoar for the Court
House in Worcester, Mass.
The American Water Colour
Society has been holding its annual
exhibition at the Fifty-seventh Street
Galleries, New York.

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