Warburton, Eliot
Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land, or, The crescent and the cross: comprising the romance and realities of eastern travel — Philadelphia, 1859

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Frank quarter, a handsome square of tall white houses, over
which the flags of every nation in Europe denote the residences
of the various consuls. In this square is an endless variety of
races and costumes most picturesquely grouped together, and
lighted brilliantly by a glowing sun in a cloudless sky. In one
place, a drove of camels are kneeling down, with jet black
slaves in white turbans, or crimson caps, arranging their bur.
dens ; in another, a procession of women waddles along, wrap,
ped in large shroud-like veils from head to foot, with a long black
bag, like an elephant's trunk, suspended from their noses, and
permitting only their kohl-stained eyes to appear. In another,
a group of Turks in long flowing drapery are seated in a circle
smoking their chibouques in silence, and enjoying society after
the fashion of other gregarious animals ; grooms with petticoat
trousers are leading horses with crimson velvet saddles, richly
embroidered ; a detachment of sad-looking soldiers in white
cotton uniform is marching by to very wild music ; and here
and thsre a Frank with long moustaches is lounging about, con-
templating these unconscious tableaux which seem to have been
got up for his amusement.
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