International studio — 55.1915

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The Royal Society of Painter-Etchers

The royal society of
The recent exhibition of this Society, held as usual
in the galleries of the Royal Society of Painters in
Water Colours, afforded convincing and gratifying
proof that the troublous conditions through which
we are passing have not reacted unfavourably upon
the work that is being done by our etchers and
engravers. On the contrary there is ample justifi-
cation for asserting that taking the exhibition as a
whole the work shown reached a higher level than
that attained at any of the Society’s exhibitions
during recent years. There was no lack of diversity
either in subject or treatment, in the two hundred
and fifteen plates exhibited. Though the bulk of the
exhibits consisted of pure etchings, there was a con-
siderable leaven of other methods practised by the
members and associates, such as dry-point, soft-
ground etching, aquatint and mezzotint.
Notable features among tire exhibited prints were
Swale cliffy Gap, the sole contribution of the Presi-

dent, Sir Frank Short; a series of Indian subjects
by Mr. E. S. Lumsden; Mr. Niels M. Lund’s
Corfe Castle; Mr. Oliver Hall’s Weymouth and
other plates ; Mon. Bejot’s five plates, notably Les
Chaumieres and Le Qiiai de I'Horloge, Paris ; Mr.
Percival Gaskell’s Gasternthal, a mezzotint, The
Heron's Pool, aquatint, and Riva degli Schiavoni,
etching; Mr. J. R. K. Duff’s pastoral themes ; the
Hon. Walter James’s An April Day, and Egglestone
Bridge, Teesdale; Mr. Wilfred Ball’s Sulgrave
Manor; Mr. William Monk’s Warwick Castle;
Mr. Fred Richards’s Antique Shop, Venice, and his
mezzotint Dutch Gossips ; Mr. D .1. Smart’s mezzo-
tint The Last Gleam • Mr. Sydney Lee’s- Fishermen's
Houses and The Church Tower, the latter an
admirable study of masonry ; Miss Winifred Austin’s
A Little Jap ; Mr. Hamilton Mackenzie’s A Gate-
way, Rome ; Mr. Lee Hankey’s Luxembourg and
The Shepherdess. The prints of Sir Charles Holroyd,
Mr. William Dawson, Mr. S. Tushingham, Mr.
Martin Hardie, Mr. Percy Robertson, Mr. Percy
Lancaster, Mr. C. H. Baskett, Mr. E. W. Charlton
also added materially to the interest of the exhibition.
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