Studio: international art — 9.1897

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Awards in 11 The Studio " Prize Competitions

fancy and spontaneous fun are to be found in Miss
Evelyn Sharp's stories, and the writing of tales for
children is very obviously a labour of love for her.
The volume under review contains a collection of
delightful fairy tales told in the gifted author's best
manner, while eight admirable coloured illustra-
tions are contributed by Mrs. Percy Dearmer.
Wymps will be received with acclamation by the

Schiller's Lay of the Bell, translated by A. G.
Foster Barham, with illustrations by W. Alison
Phillips. (London: T. Fisher Unwin.)—This
thin oblong folio is dated 1896, and is ascribed to
an English artist. Yet it looks at least thirty
years earlier, and has the appearance of foreign
work. But this criticism, which is the obvious one,
does not detract from the merits it possesses. The
only wonder is how such a very unexciting work
found a publisher ■ there is nothing to carp at,
but unluckily nothing to applaud.

Messrs. Whitworth Wallis and A. B. Chamber-
lain, of the Birmingham Art Gallery, have com-
piled a remarkably handsome catalogue of the


loan collection of paintings in oil and water-colours
by W. J. Miiller, now open in that city, which
contains, in addition to descriptive notes, no
fewer than twenty-four finely executed illustrations
of the principal pictures in the Exhibition. The
volume is exceedingly well printed upon good
paper, and the quality of the illustrations, which
have been reproduced by Messrs. W. H. Ward &
Co., may be judged by the two we are able here to
give. The catalogue reflects the greatest credit
upon all concerned.

Design for Enamelled Tin Tea


The First Prize {Five guineas) is awarded to
Billy Bones (Harry Spencer Stromgvist, Burma
House, 25 Woburn Place, W.C.).

The Second Prize [Three guineas) to Nereid
(Thomas Corson, 8 Blenheim Walk, Eldon Ter-
race, Leeds).
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