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Studio: international art — 9.1897

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Awards in " The Studio " Prize Competitions

Design for Christmas Card in Black pigny, Alexandra House, Kensington Gore); Bel

and White. (Bell C. MacGibbon, 23 Learmouth Terrace, Edin-

(B XXXVIII.) burgh); Banshee (Beatrice Waldram, 6 The Parade,

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to pYmmer Park, Edmonton); Conch (Catherine

Watchman (R. Morton Nance, Ayr, St. Ives, Corn- Kdth> M°ivart, Currie, Midlothian); Curly (A. J.

wall). Smith, 2 Leinster Place, Bayswater, W.); Clytie

The Second Prize (Half a guinea) to Hix (E. (Alice E- Burt> 3 Kempsholt Road, Streatham

H. Oliver, 10 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale, W.). Common, S.W.); Edina (Miss MacGibbon, 23

Honourable mention is given to the following :— Learmouth Terrace, Edinburgh); Dolce far niente
Agincourt (P. R. Waller, 27 St. George's Road, <Mary Symonds, 52 Thornhill Road, Leyton,
S.W.); Bo-Peep (Andrew Allan, 56 Waterloo Street, Essex) \ faster (F. G. Froggatt, 45 King Street,
Glasgow); Clymping (L. J. Ginnett, 23 Hamilton Morley, Yorks); Fritz (Winifred Hett, 6 Fin-
Gardens, Grove End Road, N.W.); Carol (F. G. borough Road, South Kensington); Fussain (Harry
Froggatt, 45 King Street, Morley, Yorks.); Comach S- Stromgvist, Burma House, 25 Woburn Place,
(Constance M. Christie, Bentley Moor House, Russe11 Square, W.C.); Esperance (Ethel M.
Walsall); Esperanza (May S. Tyrer, Glenmore, Hughes, 19 Ducre Street, Princes Park, Liverpool);
Chapter Road, Willesden Green); Bonhomie (Emily Joan °f Arc (Jessie Hay. The Cedars, Westgate
A. Attwell, 1S2 Mile End Road, E.); Grumbler Road> Beckenham); Pus (W. Heneage Legge,
(Rosa C. Petherick, Maple Lodge, HavelockRoad, Ringmer, near Lewes); Spero (Florence Grant,
Croydon); Greta (James Durden, 4 Ifield Road, Waveney, Beckenham, Kent); Thelma (Alice Kay,
South Kensington, S.W.); Globe (Ethel C. Gil- Lichfield, Edge Lane, Liverpool); Trefoil, (R. Bar-
lespy, Wehrhahn 25, Diisseldorf, Germany); Gaffer clay> Carwinion Cottage, Falmouth); Wound (Alice
(George Wilson, 42 Lansdowne Crescent, Netting Jacob> Belfield, Raheny, Dublin); and Yretot (A.
Hill, W.); Hilda (Hilda G. Cowham, 12 Horlcote T- Griffith> Bank View, Malvern).
Road, Wandsworth Common, S.W.); Hallelujah Photography.
(Katherine M. Roberts, 169 Grove Street, Liver- Interior of a Living Room.
pool) ; Jason (John Thirtle, The Elms, Ewell, (A XXVIII.)

Surrey); Mathias (Marta Fjett< 3 = ' K°"C k ''"m) 'S aWUr(lc(1 l°

Sweden); Marie (Mary Pow | ^ m = iddleton, Stanmore Road, Bir-

Road, Birmingham); Montmc

Hatherley Road, Bishopston, ! S" f) =j 7;E (Half a guinea) to Ranee

Park, Leicester); Rook (Cas
Aigburth Road, Sefton Park, L
Heneage Legge, Ringmer, neai
bault (F. H. Ball, 112 Cremo:
ham); and Thistle (J. M. Gl
Square, Chelsea).

(Mildred Emra, 49 Gower Str O .-^1 ThG ^ Man°r' ^ ^

(Florence A. Phillips, 5 North



uiajuuii is given
^(Chas. W. Crosby, 19 Gordc
Almonia (F. H. Ratcliffe, 234 Lq
Dulwich, S.W.); Barney (M. S.l

House, Aldershot); Bones (C. c|| S

u —

ro —

= ion is given to the following :—
E lway, Inglecroft, Beckenham);
_EGeo. Hyde, Foregate Street,
Qq _E -lee (Miss M. C. Cameron,
* E icarage, Ross, Herefordshire);
q ^ ~E Severn House, Iron Bridge,
s — jpE de C. Prideaux, Wellington,
(D J5 be (Hon. Mrs. A. Talbot, Little
__E Berkhampstead); Jimmy (H.

O^JLodge, Hendon Lane, Finch-
El M. Leadbetter, Lismore,
O T=Jld Mortality (E. A. West,
-E nwall); Provence (Miss Curie,
Z% _E, N.B.); S.B. (Agnes M.
O _E Hamilton Terrace, N.W.);
= on, Museum Cottage, Parks
_ Q —\inth House (]. C. Varty-Smith,
-j "E Totenhalem (James P. Jones,
Q :T= lall, Wolverhampton); and
— °-E Baker, Colton House, Marl-