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Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 1): Zeus god of the bright sky — Cambridge, 1914

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Zeus and the Solar Disk 291

iii. Zeus and the Solar Disk.

Closely akin to the wheel is its genetic precursor1 the disk.
' The Paiones,' says Maximus Tyrius, ' worship Helios, and the
Paeonian image of Helios
is a small disk on the top
of a long pole2.' With
this ritual object I have
elsewhere3 compared the
sceptre surmounted by a
circle held by Aphrodite
Ourania on coins of Ouran-
opolis in Makedonia4 (fig.
210) and the kopo or olive-
wood staff topped by a
bronze ball representing
the sun in the Boeotian
Daphnephoria5. But in-
deed the same conception
could be traced much fur-
ther afield: it accounts
satisfactorily, as I shall
hope to show on another
occasion, for the various
forms taken by May-
poles and ' Celtic' crosses
throughout Europe.

Confining our attention
to Greece, we note that a
revolving disk of bronze,
originally mounted on a
long columnar handle, was

Fig. 2ii.

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