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Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 1): Zeus god of the bright sky — Cambridge, 1914

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334 The Solar Chariot

Evidence of the combination has been found here and there in
Greek art. A silver band from a prehistoric grave at Chalandriane

Fig. 265.

in Syros {Syra) shows a horse with a collar, a solar disk, and a
bird-like human figure (?) side by side (fig. 265)1. Monsieur
J. Dechelette claims that this is the pre-Mycenaean prototype of

Fig. 266.

the solar equipage2. Again, bronze tripods of geometric style from
Olympia have two large ring-shaped handles, on which is set a

n. 4 quotes Dittenberger Syll. inscr. Gr.2 no. 754, 3 "HAto?' i<p' 'iirir^ at Pergamon and
the numerous representations of a solar rider whose type is discussed by R. Dussaud in
the Rev. Arch. 1903 i. 369 ff.).

1 Ch. Tsountas in the'E0. 'A/>x. 1899 p. 1231". pi. 10, 1.

2 J. Dechelette locc. alt., comparing the famous Trundholm chariot (S. Muller
Urgeschichte Europas Strassburg 1905 col. pi. 2, M. Hoernes Natur- und Urgeschichte
des Menschen Wien und Leipzig 1909 ii. 476 f. fig. 206) and its Irish counterparts (R. A.
Smith in the Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of London 1903 6—13 figs. 5—7).
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