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Zeus: a study in ancient religion (Band 1): Zeus god of the bright sky — Cambridge, 1914

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Zeus and Argos

Coins of Euboia from the earliest times exhibit a variety of
bovine types1, the interpretation of which is doubtful2. None of
them can be proved to have any connexion with the cult of Zeus
or Argos, Hera or Io. Still, the ox-head bound with a fillet, which
appears at Eretria (?) (fig. 31 g)3, Histiaia4, and Karystos5, is best
explained as a religious type ; and it is not unreasonable to con-
jecture that the allusion is to the cult of Hera6, who perhaps,
as at Argos7, bore the title Eitboia*. The head of Hera, likewise
bound with a fillet and often mounted on the capital of an Ionic
column, is found on coppers of Chalkis from c. 369 B.C. onwards9,
and an inscribed figure of the goddess sitting on a conical stone
with phidle and filleted sceptre occurs on a copper of the same town
struck by Septimius Severus10. At Histiaia ' rich in grape-clusters11'

Fig. 3[9. Fig. 320.

the bull stands before a vine (fig. 320)1-, and we legitimately suspect
a Dionysiac meaning.

From Euboia it is but a step to Thespiai, where a boundary-

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