International studio — 23.1904

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Awards in “ The Studio ” Prize Competitions


{London: John Lane.) 35. net. A perfectly
delightful little volume by a true tree lover, with
a large number of excellent reproductions of
photographs from Nature, which should be owned
by everyone interested in the preservation of one
of England’s greatest glories—her characteristic
forests and woodlands. Bitterly does the authoress
mourn over the traces of the hand of the spoiler,
and greatly does she rejoice over the revival of
interest in forestry which has fortunately set in of
late years.
Awards in “ the studio ”
Class A.
A LVIII. Design for Table Damask.
First Prize ( Ten Pounds) : Portaria (Miss A. M.

Cummings, 16 Welbeck Mansions, Inglewood
Road, West Hampstead, N.W.).
Second Prize (Five Pounds): March (Miss
Janet Stratton, 113 Abingdon Road, Kensing-
ton, W.).
Third Prize (Three Pound*): Garden (Alick
L. Hepburn, 25 Elgin Street, Dunfermline).
Hon. Mention : Alladin (J. O’Neill Blair);
Capucine (Miss J. Kroeze) ; Cigarette (H.
Thomas); Friga (Mrs. W. Russell); Goldin
(Maggie Hindshaw) ; Lahore (Miss R. F.
Pulley); March (Miss Janet Stratton); Sunshine
(A. E. Philp).
A LX. Design for an Enamel Plaque.
First Prize (Two Guineas)-. Prosera (Lily
Day, 99 Stanley Road, Bootle, Lancs.).
Second Prize (One Guinea): Isca (Miss Ethel
Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James’s, Exeter).
Hon. Mention : F. B. (Elisabeth Weinberger,
127 Schiller-strasse, Charlottenburg, bei Berlin).
Class B.
B LIV. Landscape.
Decorative landscape has not been thoroughly
understood by some of the competitors. Amongst
the illustrations is one of a drawing by Jawhor
which the judges consider excellent as an example
of pen-and ink work, but it is scarcely decorative
enough in character to come within the scope of
the competition.
The First Prize (One Guinea) is awarded to
Magpie (T. Allwork Chaplin, 70 Fawe Park Road,
Putney, S.W.), and the Second Prize (Half-a-
Guinea) to Peter (Peter Brown, Art School, Chat-
ham, Kent); while Hon. Mention is accorded to
Jawhor (Miss Janet C. Simpson) ; Blackthorn
(Helena E. Jones); Bobs (H. W. Yorke); Cam-
panile[ Walter Russell); Canute{ Evelina A. Brauer);
Cleo (Scott Calder); Curlew (Lennox G. Bird);
Democrat (W. E. Bradbury); Draklof (C. F.
Folkard) ; Eidrof (J. O. Fordie); F.B. (Elisabeth
Weinberger); Grindalythe (Margaret Danby); Lino
(Clifford J. Beese); Mimosa (Dora L. Wilson);
Magpie (T. A. Chaplin); Nemo (E. H. Rouse);
Pan (F. H. Ball); Peter (P. Brown); Rajar (Jos. A.
Roll) ; Stan (S. F. J. Mobbs); Ulai (W. H. Fry);
Veil (XV. M. Anderson).
Class C.
C XLII. A Picturesque Cottage.
First Prize (One Guinea) : Quinta (Harold
Moore, Quinta, Sidcup, Kent).
Second Prize [Half-a-Guinea): Spero (W. H.
Holloway Mould, 23 Claremont Road, Bishopston,

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