International studio — 23.1904

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Awards in “The Studio” Prize Competitions

Awards in “the studio”
Class A.
A LX 11. Design for a row of Three
Labourers’ Cottages.
The awards in this competition are unavoidably
held over till next month.

(Edwin Martin); Dicko (Griselda Wedderburn);
Dixie (Mrs. Hilda Sandford); Dumello (Eleanor
G. King); Enilengthkut (Miss E. W. Neve); Giglio
(Eleanor D. Hill); Jawhor (Miss J. S. C. Simpson);
Malabar (Percy Thesiger); Malmaison (Muriel E.
Ridley); Malvolio (North Hall); Process (Alfred
E. Hilton); Pi dal (A. R. Laird); Ulai (W. H.
Fry); Wooltonian (C. Mary Hibbs).

Class B.
B LVI. Drawing illustrating a Nursery
First Prize (One Guinea): Pan (F. H. Ball,
85 Scotland Road, Carlisle).
Second Prize (Haf-a-Guinea) : Magpie (T. A.
Chaplin, 70 Fawe Park Road, Putney, S.W.).
Hon. Mention : Isea (Miss Ethel Larcombe);
Infanta (Scott Calder); W. Xie (Winifred Christie);
Dioclesian (Dora Matthews); Stan (S. T. J. Mobbs);
A. J. Pose (A. W. Shaw); Amperzand (C. J.
Folkard); Buile Hill (W. M. Anderson); Clansman

Class C.
C XLIV. Study of Reflections in Water.
First Prize (One Guinea): Mansfield (Arthur
M. Curry, Newton Highlands, Mass., U.S.A.).
Second Prize {Haifa-Guinea): Topaz (H. E.
Hopkins, 32 Redcliffe Sq., South Kensington, S.W.).
Hon. Mention : Summer (Chas. E. Wanless);
Brixham (Miss A. B. Warburg); Dutchman (T. L.
Cooper); Kerarbury (Edw. Hepburn); Laerte
(Alberto Grosso); Mars (Rod. Schlemmer);
Melancholy (J. L. Gaillard); Quinta (Harold
Moore); Scott (T. F. Brogden).

“ PAN ”
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