Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 16.2004(2005)

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The Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of Warsaw University
gratefully acknowledges the annual contribution of
The State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN)
used in its entirety to cover the costs of carrying out archaeological research.

The following institutions have kindly provided
particular expeditions of the Center
with the invaluable expertise of members of their staff, as well as financial and technical assistance:
The Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
Dakhleh Oasis Project
Institut Frangais d'Archeologie du Proche-Orient, Damascus
Institut Frangais d'Archeologie Orientale, Cairo
Institute of Archaeology of Jagiellonian University, Cracow
Institute of Archaeology & Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Institute of Archaeology, Warsaw University
The Michalowski Foundation
The National Museum in Warsaw
Poznan Archaeological Museum
Poznan Prehistoric Society
Research Center for Mediterranean Archaeology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Wroclaw University of Technology

The Center also gratefully acknowledges the continuous cooperation
and kindly assistance of the national archaeological authorities in the countries
where the Center conducts research:
The Supreme Council of Antiquities of the Arab Republic of Egypt
and its Secretary General Dr. Zahi Flawass
The National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums of Sudan
and its President Mr. Hassan Hussein Idriss
The Department of Antiquities of Cyprus
and its Director Dr. Paulos Flourentzos
Direction Generale des Antiquites et Museums of Syria
and its Director General Prof. Dr. Abdel Razzaq Moaz
Direction Generale des Antiquites of Lebanon
and its Director General Frederic Husseini

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