Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 16.2004(2005)

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Grazyna B^kowska

Bronze jewelry, found in recent excavations
at Marina el-Alamein (seasons 2002-2004),
is presented in this provisional report1 in
recognition of its complementary role in
any study of the customs, traditions and
beliefs of a given community and the

potential image it gives of cultural
relations and influences at the site. Most of
these objects were recorded in sound
archaeological contexts, although some
surface finds have been included as well.


1. Ring with bust of Sarapis [Figs. 1, 2]
Inv. no. 106/H10"E702)
House H10"E", room 4 (contextual dating
to the lst-3rd centuries AD)2
Dia. 2.6/2.5 cm (inner 1.8/1.5 cm); H. of
bust 2.3 cm
Ring band slightly convex on outside,
widening towards the bust of Sarapis,
which is executed in high relief. The deity
is clad in a chiton and himation and has a
modius on his head. Locks of hair descend
to the shoulders. The beard and moustache
are clearly marked, as are the facial
features. The bust stands on a small base.
Good state of preservation.
Dated to the lst-2nd century AD.
Published: PAM XIV, Reports 2002 (2003),
97, Fig. 10.

Parallels: F.H. Marshal, Catalogue of the
Finger Rings, Greek, Etruscan and Roman
in the Departments of Antiquities, British
Museum (London 1907), 178, 204, PL
XXVIII, no. 1122; XXXI, nos. 1301-1302.
2. Ring with presumed bust of Sarapis-
Amon [Fig. 2]
Inv. no. 10/S/03
Surface find
Dia. 1.9 cm (inner 1.6 cm); H. of bust 1.1 cm
Band widens toward bust of Sarapis-Amon.
Bust rounded off in semicircular fashion.
Small modius on head, ram's horns marked
on either side.
Severely damaged, band incomplete; Sarapis
image blurred.
Dated to the lst-2nd century AD.

1 By kind permission of Prof. Wiktor Andrzej Daszewski and Prof. Stanislaw Medeksza, heads of the Polish Centre's
archaeological and restoration missions respectively, and with deepfelt thanks to Mr. Abdel Latif el-Wakil for
inspiration to study this category of finds. For excavation work on the site in 2002-2004 and earlier, see interim reports
by W.A. Daszewski and S. Medeksza in Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean, volumes from 1989 until the present).
2 All contextual pottery dates kindly provided by Dr. Grzegorz Majcherek.

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