Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 16.2004(2005)

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SEASON 2003/2004
Zbigniew E. Szafranski

The work of the Polish-Egyptian Archaeological and Conservation Mission to the Hatshepsut
Temple at Deir el-Bahari was conducted from December 31, 2003 to March 18, 20044
The main objective of the season was the restoration of the Solar Cult Complex, the
conservation of the Northern Chapel of Amun-Re, and continued documentation work and
excavation in the Royal Mortuary complex. The restoration of one of the Osiride figures of
Hatshepsut in the Upper Portico was completed and studies on the two colossi that once
flanked the wings of the Lower Portico were continued. In the storeroom housing relief
fragments from the temple of Tuthmosis III, activities centered on completing a theoretical
reconstruction of the iconographic program of the decoration.
Excavations inside the Hatshepsut Temple have been stepped up ever since the early 1980s,
the goal being to learn as much as possible about the present condition of the building's
foundations. This information is of key importance for planning conservation, preservation and
restoration works. It also contributes to an understanding of consecutive building stages under
the Tuthmoside rulers, as well as the development and functioning of the complex down the ages.
A separate project, undertaken by art historian Dr. Zbigniew Taranienko (SWPS-
Warsaw Schol of Social Psychology) within the frame of the Hatshepsut Temple expedition,
concentrated on Egyptian tomb painting of the New Kingdom considered in art-historical
and aesthetic categories (see appendix to this report).
1 The staff included: Dr. Zbigniew E. Szafranski, Director; Dr. Mirostaw Barwik, Deputy Director; Mr. Abd el-Fatah,
SCA inspector; Ms Olga Bialostocka, Egyptologist; Ms Ewa Czyzewska, student of archaeology; Mrs. Monika Dolinska,
Egyptologist; Ms Jadwiga Iwaszczuk, Egyptologist; Mr. Maciej Jawornicki, photographer; Ms Teresa Kaczor, architect;
Mrs. Monika Kolasa-D^browska, conservator; Mr. Wieslaw Kuczewski, constructor; Mrs. Maria Lulkiewicz-Podkowinska,
conservator; Mr. Mieczysiaw Michiewicz, constructor; Mr. Wojciech Myjak, conservator; Mrs. Nafisa el-Azab Ahmed,
SCA inspector, Prof. Dr. Maciej Pawlikowski, mineralogist; Mr. Marek Puszkarski, documentalist; Mrs. Izabela Uchman-
Laskowska, conservator, in charge of the conservation program.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of
Antiquities (SCA); Mr. Sabry Abd El Aziz Khater, General Director of the Pharaonic Department (SCA); Dr. Holeil
Ghaly, Head of the Central Directorate of Upper Egypt and the Oasis (SCA); Mr. Ali el-Asfar, Director of Antiquities
in el-Gurna (SCA); and Prof. Dr. Michal Gawlikowski, Director of the Polish Centre of Mediterranean Archaeology of
Warsaw University, for their invaluable help and continuous support.

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