Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 16.2004(2005)

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Tomasz Waliszewski

The site ofJiyeh (Jiye), situated some 20 km south of Beirut, between a shallow bay on the
Mediterranean coast and the Beirut-Saida highway, was explored by a joint Polish-
Lebanese mission from August 31 to October 1, 2004f
1 The Mission was headed by Dr. Tomasz Waliszewski, assisted by Mr. Bahija Traboulsi and Mr. As'ad Seif, representing
the Direction Generale des Antiquites. The team at Jiyeh was composed of Dr. Mahmoud El-Tayeb, archeologist, in
charge of the excavations; Ms Karolina Cichocka, Ms Sophie Garreau, Mr. Pawel Tchorek, Mr. Jakub Prager, archae-
ologists; Ms Urszula Wicenciak, Mr. Krzysztof Domzalski, ceramologists; Mr. Marek Puszkarski, documentalist;
Ms Beata Capik, registrar; Mr. Marcin Kisielewicz, metrologist; Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski, Mrs. Izabela Uchman-
Laskowska, conservators. Archaeology, art conservation and engineering students from the Warsaw University Institute
of Archaeology, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Fine Arts
Academy in Warsaw and the Warsaw Polytechnic included: Ms Marta Banas, Ms Jolanta Gorniak, Mr. Karol
Juchniewicz, Mr. Marcin Klebba, Ms Maria Kozarzewska, Ms Jolanta Krajewska, Mr. Karol Ochnio, Ms Justyna
Radzik, Ms Agnieszka Szulc, Mr. Krzysztof Napiorkowski, Ms Agnieszka Wielocha, Ms Malgorzata Zukowska.
We would like to thank Mr. Frederic Husseini, Director General of Antiquities, for his kind interest in our work and
Messrs Bahija Traboulsi and As'ad Seif of the DGA for their effective and comprehensive assistance throughout the
duration of the mission, as well as between field seasons. We are particularly grateful to Mr. Traboulsi, who prepared
for us the dig house in Saida and arranged for the loan of the necessary work equipment, solving whatever problems we
may have had in this regard in the course of the campaign.

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