Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 16.2004(2005)

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Karol Mysliwiec

The Polish-Egyptian archaeological mission at Saqqara pursued its activities in the area
extending west of the Djoser pyramid enclosure, from September 4 until October 26, 2004-1
The work was concentrated on the conservation of the tomb of Ny-ankh-Nefertem discovered
in 2003, and on the archaeological investigation of the area extending between the tomb of
Merefnebef and the enclosure wall of the step pyramid. Specialist studies were pursued on spe-
cific groups of objects, particularly the pottery (ceramology) and human remains (anthropo-
1 The mission was composed of the following: Prof. Dr. Karol Mysliwiec, director; Dr. Kamil Kuraszkiewicz,
egyptologist; Prof. Dr. Maria Kaczmarek, physical anthropologist; Dr. Tomasz Stgpnik, archaeologist; Mrs. Teodozja
Rzeuska, egyptologist/ceramologist; Ms. Malgorzata Radomska and Mr. Fabian Welc, archaeologists/egyptologists;
Mr. Zbigniew Godziejewski, Ms Urszula D^browska, Ms Magdalena Muc and Mrs. Teresa Zurkowska, conservators;
Ms Beata Blaszczuk and Mr. Mieczyslaw Niepokolczycki, architects; Mr. Maciej Jawornicki, photographer. The
Supreme Council for Antiquities was represented by Ms Yasmin Hassan Mostafa, the inspector of the mission.
Our tasks were fulfilled thanks to the friendly and constructive attitude of Dr. Zahi Hawass, SCA Secretary General.
We are also indebted to Mr. Magdy El-Ghandour, Director General for Foreign and Egyptian Mission Affairs, for
assistance in preparations for the present campaign. Extremely efficient and competent in their decisions were the
Director of the Saqqara Antiquities, Mr. Kamal Wahid, and Mr. Osama El-Shimi, the Chief Inspector of Saqqara. We
wish to thank all of them for their assistance. The two raises of the mission, Mr. Sayed Kereti and Mr. Mahrouz Abdel
Tawab Beheri, were helpful and systematic in their difficult work.
2 Cf. contributions by T. Rzeuska, K. Kuraszkiewicz and Z. Godziejewski in this volume.

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