Polish Archaeology in the Mediterranean — 16.2004(2005)

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Fig.l. Solar Cult Complex. Wall between the vestibule and the Sun Altar Courtyard: inventory
plan (bottom) (A. Stefanowicz with Z.E. Szafranski; after Z. Wysocki, MDAIK 43
(1987), Fig. 1) and reconstruction (Drawing T. Kaczor)
a) Flocks of the preserved first layer, b) Flocks of the preserved second layer, c) Foundation
blocks, d) Flocks filling the gap between the foundations and wall, e) Fedrock, f) Flocks
of the floor, g) Stone slab of unknown purpose and origin, h) Incisions tracing a nonexistent
portal, ijTransverse incisions for blocks of succeeding layer, j) Longitudinal incisions
indicating course of the wall, k) Slanting incision on a pavement block in the passage,
l) Sockets and grooves of unknown purpose, m) Socket of the door hinge in existing portal,
n) Square block in the floor of the vestibule

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