International studio — 36.1908/​1909(1909)

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impressive in their calm. Jongkind has moreover
done a number of series of harbour interiors, of
vesseis high-and dry, or crowded one against the
other in some Antwerp or Rotterdam dock—
scenes done at ah hours and at ail seasons.
Hewas also an exceilentinterpreter of Paris, whose
various aspects he rendered with inhnite charm.
Does the reader know how it was Jongkind excehed
to such a degree in expressing not only the atmo-
spheric effects of Holiand, but likewise the hrm
outlines of the scenery of the Seine or the streets
of Paris? It was because side by side with the
coiourist there was in Jongkind an impeccable
draughtsman. To satisfy oneseif on this point it
is sufhcient to study a certain drawing of houses in
the Moreau-Neiaton coiiection. One needs must
admire therein the certainty, the hrmness of touch,
the precision of form, which enable one to pene-
trate one of the essentials of Jongkind's genius.
For beneath this briliiant exterior, this seeming
/<7/.w7--<2<%7* often to be found in certain of his

water-colours, there is no mere improvisor; on
the contrary, behind it ah is a worker who never
tires of revising each one of his pictures, who, in a
word, with them until they shall seem to him
to have taken dehnite shape.
Many are the works of Jongkind I should stiil
iike to name, in order to draw therefrom a few
conclusions on the main outlines of his talent;
many the lovely scenes of Normandy, of the
Nivernais, of the Dauphine, of Provence, I would
gladly see again and describe ! But I must retire,
and yield place to illustration.
What I would wish, however, to indicate in a
word is the actual inhuence the artist is exercising
on t'ne modern school. In his impeccable draughts-
manship he is closely allied to the old masters; he
is the continuation of the Dutch " petits maitres,"
carried on by Bonington and Isabey, and inhuencing
in turn Boudin and Lepine; and in point of date
he is the hrst of the great Impressionists, while
ever remaining a great Classic. H. F.



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