International studio — 36.1908/​1909(1909)

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were the shops of all kinds, each revealing a
physiognomy of its own, a special character such
as to make it seem as though they had been created
by artists rather than by mechanics. They have
been preserved intact, to be a delight to the eye.
Finally, having mastered ail this, and given it
harmony, the artist succeeded in understanding
and in expressing to perfection the splendid
northern sky, whence falls a light which clings to
every projection and gives a fairy aspect to the rude
and simple accessories of life in the provinces.
There is a powerful
charm, too, in these old
towns, where the street
lamps are seldom lit, espe-
cially in winter, and where
the only light comes from
a few shops throwing their
vague illuminations on the
pavement outside.
These are the things that
M. Lechat has felt and in
these sober paintings has
rendered with inhnite feel-
ing and success. His talent
is made up of rehnement,
of poetry, and of under-
standing. For this reason
his interpretations have
proved deeply fascinating
to all who are still suscep-
tible of the picturesque
visions of these old, sleep-
ing cities. His work is

ONDON.—One 01
the most interest-
ing exhibitions
of the year is
that of the "25
Society," who have opened
this autumn at the Goupil
Gallery, where they ex-
hibited last year. This is
the third year ot their
existence. There is nothing
which on the surface suggests a connection between
the aims of its various members, unless it be that
they are all of that school which believes in the
dignity which the elaborate study of composition
gives to a picture. A consciously decorative trait
is not absent from any of the works, though it is
found at its height, perhaps, in the panels of
Mr. R. Anning Bell and the landscapes of Mrs.
Dods-Withers. Mr. Anning Bell has lately added
to his art more of a quality that is always needed
-—a harmony of relationship in tone and colour


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quite original, and deserves
to be known and fully
appreciated abroad.
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