International studio — 36.1908/​1909(1909)

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painted or enameied green, the lower wait to be
covered with piain green buriap matching it in
tone; it thus becomes a part of the waii treatment,
the paper on the upper third of the waii showing
the same design as that of the frieze in the adjoin-
ing parior. The joining of buriap and paper is
covered by a piate raii.
There is a tinish made which can be appiied over
the giazed varnish of your dining-room furniture
which wili give a duii effect and at the same time
darken the coior siightiy. We think you wiii find
your furniture wiii then harmonize with the entire
color scheme, as it will probabiy show neariy the
same color as the woodwork in the parior, haii, etc.
You couid use your oak sideboard by removing
the fancy top and sheives. Your carpenter couid
suppiy you with an oak moid matching its coior
and hnish; this couid be set about the top at the
back and ends, giving it a simpie finish.
It is quite possible to obtain a china closet which
wiii iook weii with this, and we wouid suggest plain
oak chairs with cane seats. These can be pur-
chased, showing very good iines and finish, for
$3.75 apiece.
For your fioor the same stain and Anish is rec-
ommended as advised for the new rooms of the
As a door covering for this room, a Brusseis rug,
in size 9x12, couid be used. This can be pur-
chased for iess than $30. Seiect a smaii pattern
in shades of tan and green.
The casement windows here shouid be treated
as advised for parlor and bedroom, using the same
net next the giass with overdraperies of iinen taffeta
showing a foiiage pattem of the same coioring as
the paper on the upper third of the waii.
In the opening between the parlor and dining-
room Arras cioth draperies iike those used between
hail and parior are advised. In this iatter room
wicker furniture of simpie, comfortabie design, in-
cluding chairs, tabie and chaise-iounge, wouid look

weii. The wicker couid be given a
siight stain, bringing out the tone of
the side wails. The same iinen taffeta
advised for draperies in the dining-
room could be used to upholster
these chairs. A winged chair wouid
be an addition in this room. It
shouid be covered in uphoisterers'
brown veiveteen. Youwiilfindthe
waii treatment of the room to offer
an excelient backgroundforpictures.
Etchings, Braun photographs or
Copiey prints wouid be particuiariy
suitabie here. These shouid have simple 8at
frames. Piaster pieces, bits of frieze or medaiiions
wouid be effective also against this wali. Your
smaii desk of mahogany couid very weii find a
place in this room.
For the hali simple oak pieces of good piain
iines suggestive of the Mission shouid be seiected.
Two chairs, a narrow tabie to be piaced against the
waii leading into the bedroom, with a iong mirror
hung iengthwise above it, wouid probabiy prove
aii that was needed, with the exception of a low
stand or taboret of oak hoiding a fern or paim.
Rugs simiiar to that advised for the dining-room,
or those of Wilton or Axminster, could be used in
the haii and parlor. Shades of brown and tan
should be seiected for the haii, and for the parior
a reproduction of an Orientai design and coior in
duii tones wouid be appropriate.
We have had in mind your desire for bird's-eye
mapie in the color scheme recommended for your
bedroom. You wili hnd that the waii treatment
advised here wiil make a good setting for such
In refinishing your oid furniture it will be neces-
sary to hrst remove aii of the present hnish. This
is not a very difhcult undertaking, as there are
materials made which readiiy cleanse the wood.
You can then treat it as new wood. An ivory
enamel as a hnish is always satisfactory.
If we can be of further service to you we wiii be
very giad to hear from you.
Nsw ENGLAND writes: "I have recentiy
fallen heir to a rather nice oid house, and
I have some pieces of oid furniture, vases, cande-
labra, etc., but to my surprise I hnd myseif unable
to make my beiongings 6t into the picture.
The mantei in the iiving-room is of quaint design.

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