International studio — 36.1908/​1909(1909)

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mers, which is called 7"Ae AfarweM and is
one of those homely scenes among the Asher children
of Hoiland. Some urchins are piaying with their
boats along the shore, are swimming or generally
amusing themselves under a summer sky. The
intimate nature of the scene is deliciousiy por-
trayed and the color scheme is one of charm and
harmony. Mr. Oehme, confining himself almost
entirelyto the work of the European painter, has
examples by many of the distinguished men, largely
French and Dutch, though an occasional German
is present.
VisiTORS to the Montross galleries, Thirty-fifth
Street and Fifth Avenue, will recall in the exhibi-
tion last winter of the work of Willard L. Met-
calf a lovely painting entitled Afay Pujforaf. The
picture attracted considerable attention and was
one of Mr. Metcalf's happiest efforts. Fortu-
nately for the public, it has been purchased for
the permanent collection of the Boston Museum
of Fine Arts, so that it will be hereafter accessible
to the art lover. The composition is one of much
simplicity, but the spectator is impressed with the
artist's manifest love of nature, and the color
scheme—which, unfortunately, may not be given in
the biack and white reproduction—-is one of de-
licious harmony, fuil of tender, true tones, seri-
ously observed and dexterously indicated, for none

of Mr. Metcalf's confreres excel him in technical
equipment. Mr. Montross is arranging for a
series of exhibitions by American painters, follow-
ing his custom at these galleries.
GEORGES GLAENZER, 33 East 20th Street, will
show from December gth to 19th an exhibition of
paintings by Paul Connoyerand Orlando Rouland.
ONE of the distinctive art events of last season
was the announcement of Frederick Keppel & Co.,
4 East Thirty-ninth Street, of their intention to
issue what should be known as "The Print Col-
lector's Bulletin," an illustrated list of painter etch-
ings—with prices of available prints. Separate
volumes were devoted to the leaders and occasion-
ally two or three were included in one issue.
Whistler, Haden, Meryon, Legros, Tissot, Buhot,
Bracquemond are included and the books are pro-
fusely illustrated, making a highly valuable refer-
ence library. They may be had for a most modest
price and should receive the serious attention of
the collector. We reproduce an illustration from
the volume on Bracquemond, his .Sea GMJL, on
which we have the good fortune to be able to in-
clude a note by Mr. Keppel. An exhibition of the
recent work of Joseph Pennell will be held in these
galleries, in December, of sketches made in and
about New York City.

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