International studio — 36.1908/​1909(1909)

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reproductions, though very good, cannot quite give
fuli expression to the charm of the originals. The
drawings have been brought to a degree of
elaboration and hnish that is not always in keeping
with the lightness and deiicacy demanded by the
subject. Mr. Woodroffe is, however, possessed of
imagination and a feeiing for decorative effect, and
though in some cases the colouring is a littie harsh
and unrestfu], in others, notably the frontispiece,
and " On the bat's back do I Hy," he has given us
pictures both charming in design and pleasing
in colour. Mr. Moorat has written new music
for the old songs.
//i gM7* By DR. ULRICH
Antonio da Monza—Bassan. (Leipzig : Wilheim
Engelmann.) Stitched 32 Mks., cloth, 33 Mks.—
The first volume of this publication having not
long since been noticed in these pages, it is only
necessary to say here that this second volume
shows every sign of having been compiled with
the same painstaking care as the hrst. The use-
fulness of the work for purposes of reference
cannot be overrated, for not only does it compre-
hend within its purview all artists of more than local
fame, living and deceased, and of every nation-
ality, but all architects and artist-craftsmen of note
are also included.
V/Ma/cT-g /?/* A/zIA A.
V;7;a/&7*F. Told by Sir W. S. GiLBERT and illustrated
by AncE B. WooDWARD. (London: Geo. Bell &
Sons.) gj. net.—" Pinafore " has come to be re-
garded as something almost in the light of a

classic, and this story book
appears very appropriately
at a time when there is a
revival of this tuneful comic
opera. The text, writtenby
Sir W. S. Gilbert in his usual
delightfully whimsical man-
ner, is practically an elabo-
ration of theoriginallibretto,
and there have also been
included several excerpts
from the score. The illus-
trations, sixteen in colour
besides several in the text,
are from drawings by Miss
Woodward, and in each
case are characterised by a
dainty charm that accords
well with the quaint humour
of the story.
Mr. Batsford has recently published the third
and last part of Messrs. James A. Arnott and
John Wilson's elaborate work on Ak/*/7 7/*/'/;/?////,
which is issued to subscribers at 1 i.s'.
net per part. In this work are reproduced a large
number of measured drawings and photographs of
the exterior of the building and its interiors, draw-
ings to scale and photographs of many of the
interesting articles of furniture preserved in it,
such as tables and chairs, details of iron and brass
work and other decorative features of the palace.
In an introductory note the history of the palace
is brieHy recounted.

The two coloured lithographic prints which we
reproduce on this and the preceding page belong
to the Voigtlander series of Artist's Auto-Litho-
graphs, published in this country by Messrs. Asher
& Co., of Bedford Street, Covent Garden. The
pictures in the series now number more than a
hundred, and in the list of artists responsible for
their production we note the names of many whose
work as painters is well known to readers of
THE STUDio. The pictures are designed by the
artists with special regard to the exigencies of the
lithographic technique, and the artists not only
transfer the designs to the stones, but superintend
the process of printing. The subjects are very
varied, and include landscapes, architecture, moun-
tain scene?, seascapes and Hgure subjects, and at
the moderate price at which they are issued (most
of them are or 6i. each) they are admirably
adapted for schoolrooms, clubrooms, and nurseries.
Those reproduced measure 27^ by 39^ inches.
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