International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN And, furthermore, their pictures have been painted
LANDSCAPE PAINTING. BY largely without regard for the market, without
L MFCHI IN intent to please, and while in many instances they
have been found lacking in pictorial interest they
I*' it is true, as Barrie has suggested in his have not failed to carry conviction.
Margaret Ogilvy," that the end and aim of all As the love of pure landscape is commonly a
art is to open the eyes of those who will look to token of ripened development, it is, perhaps, a
beautiful thoughts and beautiful things, then it little perplexing to comprehend why America, an
must be admitted that the landscape painters of exceedingly young, if precocious, nation, should
America are artists indeed. Primarily they are have made her largest contribution to the art of
discoverers and interpreters — men passionately the world in this particular field. Possibly, how-
loving nature and striving through their works to ever, a reverent love of the outdoor world is the
'ni part to others their emotions; not as others pioneer's heritage — perchance youth has engendered
have done, but in a way distinctively their own. daring. Be that as it may, without doubt it is
I hey have not always succeeded, nor invariably true that the view-point of the American landscape
done well. Being thrown almost inevitably upon painters is, and has been almost from the first,,
their own resources, their expression has at times different from that of other landscape painters,,
been crude and immature ; but it has been frank, inasmuch as it completely overlooks the immediate
sincere and true, and this has given it distinction, relationship of nature to man. John Richard

"HB golden afternoon" 11y childe iiassam

XXXIX No. 153.—November, 1909. 3
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