International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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N THE GALLERIES without the "chicot," the little fir tree in the upper

corner on the right. The two versions of this subject

The engravings of Marc-Antonio Raimon- have received the attention of authors as well as con-

di, from the collection of Dr. William Engle- noisseurs in all periods, and have given rise to a Iit-

Ed i™.'11111' °^ Leipzig, seen at the galleries of R. erary dispute which does not seem to have beende-

^ timer, in West Fortieth Street, New York, cidedyct. Malvasia, who gives a very romantic story

of th mC(' (>n° °^ l'1C m°sl 'mI>or,ant exhibitions about the two plates, states that both were engraved

month. by Marc-Antonio; Abbe" Zani attributes the version

the 1C ')Caut'^u' example of the high qualities of without the chicot to the master, and says that

tio ^aVCr' s'lown *n the accompanying reproduc- Marco da Ravenna was the engraver of the repeti-

I is from the celebrated cartoon of the Battle of tion. Bartsch agrees with him upon the point that

f;i ^ "^'cnelangelo, known as "The Climbers." one version was engraved by Marco-Dente, but ex-

e pnnt Lucas van Leyden, Mahomet and the presses his conviction in strong terms that the plate
tains one fact „f



While the figures
follow closely the
design of Michel-
angelo, the land-
scape offers an ex-
act copy of the
plate by Lucas van
Leyden, represent-
ing Mahomet and
the monk Sergius,
<>i the year 1508,
with the only ex-
ception that the
tree in the middle

In " "*v *"iuule

, as been omitted

£ ^arc-Antonio.
His '

11s plate, which is
dated 1510, shows
how in his early
period he was in-
fluenced not only
hy Durer but also
hy the Leyden
genius, a fact all
the more interest-
ing because the
latter shows in the
work of his last
period the very


a8 influence of


Mother inter-
JJj8 Plate was

U'C Massacre 0) «,/R.Edtrhtimer „,,„„,.„<■>

ho I-?"-"' ENGRAVING BV marc-antonio, KJ»WN£ ££2£XZ*** « "™ "

""Wn in tWO a group of three figures from the ceixbka

ates- With anil pisa by michelangelo xv
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