International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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Some Novel Tile Houses

TOiimminTOiiJii'Hiiimnnt'mniiiiMiiiiM chosen medium for

the architect. A
house that can be
"flung together"—
to use the language
of the street—has
no attraction for the
architect with the
true artistic consci-
ence. The problem
which has its ap-
peal for him is the
one which requires,
for its successful
solution, untiring
study, complete ac-
curacy of calcula-
tion, and the maxi-
mum of skill in
adapting the means
at hand to the end
in view.

In America, with

house for mr. a. b. steen squires & wynkoop jts new civilization,

south oil city, pa. architects ^ ephemeral ha£.

been the rule, the

SOME NOVEL TILE HOUSES permanent the exception. In our monstrous hurry

to "get things done" we do them only half way.
With architects it is an axiom that We select the materials which can be handled most
beauty of design and permanency of ma- quickly. But it is beginning to be different. We
terial go together. The consciousness are learning our lesson from Europe. Our civiliza-
that he is working with material that will stay for tion is ripening, and our ideals in music, painting,
all time has a pow-
erful effect upon
the worker. The
ephemeral struc-
tures of a modern
exposition can
never be as beau-
tiful as enduring
temples of marble
and stone.

It has been said
that genius is sim-
ply an infinite ca-
pacity for taking
pains, and hence
springs the seem-
ingly paradoxical
fact that the task
which requires the
greatest pains has

always been and house for prof, james e. lough squires & wynkoop

will always be the new york university campus, new york city architects

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