International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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Automobile in Louis XVI Style

AN AUTOMOBILE DECORATED IN entwined with garlands of flowers, painted in colors
j\ LOUIS XVI STYLE on a ground of soft gray enamel. The central por-

/ \ tion of the ceiling is enriched with an ormolu dome

L V The sedan chair, though still in use lamp of the acanthus motif.

in quaint formal survivals in Germany, A frieze of separate panels, each one falling just
has passed into romance and into museums. The above a window, forms a pleasing accessory to the
fact that should be remembered, however, is that in ceiling. The center panel of each bears a painted
this retirement it finds itself in museums of art. decoration complete in itself, yet united to its com-
And the reason, of course (which needs no bewigged panions by the balance of mass and tone, although
and powdered ghost come from the grave to tell us), the motif is changed in every instance, in this man-
is that the sedan chair in its heyday was made a ner bearing out both example and tradition of the
work of art. Now the motor car has reached a Louis XVI period. This frieze is supported by a
point of development where attention is being given row of slender pilasters that also serve as a separa-
ta the opportunity of making it a thing of beauty. tion and guide for the window frames.
The car of which views are reproduced herewith is The upholstery is a silk stripe of gray and yello w
interesting as being the
first attempt, and a note-
worthy one, to carry out
the decoration of an au-
tomobile in a period
style. The Pierce Arrow
Motor Car Co., of Buf-
falo, deserves credit for
turning out this piece of
work, worthy of serious
consideration on artistic

The outside color
scheme of this car is
green and gold. Satin-
wood, toned to a soft,
golden yellow, has been
used for all the exterior
woodwork, including
the dash boxes, steering
wheel and the roof of
the chauffeur's deck.

The handles of the
doors, the outside side
lamps, the escutcheon
covering the locks and
even the tiny head of the
door keys are authenti-
cally Louis XVI in de-
sign and treatment. All
of the metal mounts are
in brass, chased and
heavily gold plated, and
finished in the tradi-
tional ormolu style.
The ceiling shows an
encircling ornament of
ormolu and running de-
sign of slender acanthus motor car in louis xvi style, exterior in green and gold

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