International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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Etched Book-Plates

in modem art, should reproduce here certain of
Madame Debillemont-Chardon's miniatures. These
portraits, in themselves, are full of suggestion and
teaching, and my part in surrounding them with
these few remarks has simply resolved itself into
saying—such is the artist who has signed them,
and therein proved the value of the theories which
she so ably puts into practice. O. U.



' T* ~T i ! * ~ If Sir Lancelot of the Lake had lived in

[SVBN1EY-MARR'WARO [21 modern times, or if ex-libris had been known
■•■-a—:-;—Jr- , . , ,, , .______. . „___, . _____.____,j

etched book-plate

by sir chas. holroyd,

where Arthur held his court at Camelot, we should
doubtless have seen in books,

" Sir Lancelot's azure lions, crown'd with gold
Ramp in the field "

of an engraved shield, and the royal book-plate

portrayal merely of fail-
women or pretty high-
born children, but to
realise that the aged, too,
are wonderfully pictur-
esque, that the sailor,
the countryman, the
workman, the artisan of
the towns, the Arab, the
Bedouin, the fellah, all
offer to the artist physiog-
nomies no less interesting
than those of the exotic
mondaines in the salons
of the metropolis—these
are some of the lessons
which Madame Debille-
mont-Chardon endeav-
ours to inculcate in her
pupils. She shows them
unceasingly how neces-
sary it is to maintain ever
a fresh and youthful out-
look in their work, how to
cultivate a sane and exact
appreciation of things
and a big and bold tech-
nique, and also to hesi-
tate ere determining too
abruptly what is " minia-
turable " and what is not.

I am glad that The
Studio, the pages of
which are always open

to all independent efforts etched book-plate by frank brangwyn, a.r.a.

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