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What Decoration Can Do to
Make a Bedroom Beautiful

THIS is a black-and-white re- is produced that is not only far from
production of the decorator's commonplace, but is also as delightful
colored drawing showing one as a bedroom can be.
of the bedrooms in our Model House This is but one room in our Model
treated with Sherwin-Williams Products. House, and is only one of the many
If you look at the colored reproduc- effects that can be secured by the use of
tion in our Model House portfolio you the Sherwin-Williams Decorative Service
will be charmed with the attractiveness and the Sherwin-Williams Products,
of this bedroom. In doing this you A Portfolio entitled "An Ideal Plan of
must not overlook the fact that this is Home Decoration," showing this corn-
simply an ordinary square bedroom, plete model house with color treatments
without any attractive architectural de- for outside and for every room inside,
tails such as are found in thousands of showing the rooms reproduced in colors,
houses all over the country to-day. The with specifications for the complete
attractiveness of the room is due to the finishing of each room, is sent free, on
judicious and intelligent: use of color. request, to any reader of this magazine.

The ceilings and walls are treated There is no string tied to this offer,

with Flat Pone, the frieze is stenciled, You do not have to promise to use the

the floor is hard pine stained, the wood- Sherwin-Williams Products to secure

work is enameled white. Then with these decorative schemes, but equally

the selection of draperies and rugs sug- good results will not be secured unless you

gested by our Decorative Service a room do use the Sherwin-Williams Products.



lt Stencils and Stencil
Materials" is the tide
of a little book which

telle how to decorate 1% M § A #^T*C* I'A, f*% A## C* U C O \ Uxh

with stencils. It is * *~

sent free.

Address all inquiries to Decorative Department,

btfg Canal Road, N. IV., Cleveland, Ohio
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