International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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Tiffany & Co.

Holiday Announcement

Many Christmas selections, already made and being
held for future delivery, prompt Tiffany & Co. to
remind intending purchasers that they will greatly
further their own interests and convenience by placing
their orders as early as possible. Every department is
now complete with a new stock of this season's latest
manufactures and importations, including many choice
and attractive articles which will not be duplicated

Tiffany & Co.'s out-of-town service is an important
branch of their business, intended to serve purchasers
in all parts of the world. Through the facilities of an
efficient Correspondence Department, the entire holi-
day stock is as accessible to Christmas buyers living at
a distance as to those able to make their selections in
person. Goods will be sent on approval to persons
known to the house or to those who will make them-
selves known by satisfactory references

The 1910 Tiffany Blue Book is a compact catalogue,
without illustrations, containing over 760 pages of con-
cise descriptions, with prices, of the stock of jewelry,
silverware, watches, clocks, bronzes, etc. This book is
a helpful guide to purchasers and will be found to sug-
gest many appropriate gifts of moderate price as
well as more expensive pieces. The Blue Book will
be mailed upon request

Tiffany & Co. always welcome a comparison of prices

Fifth Avenue & 37th Street New York
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