International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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Rugs After Oriental Designs

patterns. Some of
these reproductions
are a keen delight to
the eye and would
not offend the veri-
est collector.

The wool used
for making carpet is
quite different from
the wool used for
making cloth. Car-
pet wool has to
have peculiar fea-
tures of strength
and firmness in
order to get certain
weaving qualities.
The wool used in

the face of cloth is
'M'...j.jj .'w11ijw.rawrrrwiirTTmMwiiimmMimiiw «, n* HWtiin/iimii m"» n* 1 Mini

■j soil and would not

l|I^^S^SS^^Si^Sw^^^^^^^^^?^P^^^^^^¥3|8 stand the strain of
BhMUIMMllKdfelEdfclKyElKJ^ being walked on, as

Comtesy oj m. j. whMaii carpet is, f or any

in the antique kirman rug the artistic arrangement of flowers, cypress length of time. For

trees and palm effects is most pleasing such a quality of

rug wool has to be

problem. Being in command of a long practical bought where it is tough and long. Such wool
experience in weaving by the best modern mechani- comes from countries that are comparatively desert,
cal means, they have addressed a simple solution barren and mountainous, the native sheep being
to the task of rendering their product of esthetic hardy animals and their wool protecting them,
value. It is hardly

to be said that the
reproduction of Ori-
ental designs is a
novelty. But in this
case the distinction
comes from the
painstaking care
which has been
used to reproduce
the purest designs
in the faithfulest
manner. The re-
sult is that the
householder of
moderate means
finds within the
limits of expense
rugs of tested qual-

ity, which without f-~'"f~t<0!§%

pretending to be
O r i e n t i a 1 are re-
plicas in full detail Courtesy oj M. J. WhUtall

of the best Oriental Bokhara trappings—a useful and decorative floor covering
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