International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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/ulius O Is son

I would, however, place in a category apart his
portraits of Tolstoi, two of which are chefs-d'ceuvre.
The first is merely a bust with folded arms, but so
simple, so human, and so touching! The other repre-
sents Tolstoi in the blouse of a Russian peasant,
seated on a horse. The countenance of Tolstoi is
a very moving one. His eyes look out with a pro-
found regard from beneath the arched and bushy
brows, the thin face speaks of suffering endured,
his forehead is noble and massive, and his face
serene and calm. One feels that here we have a
realistic portrait of the man and an inspired
portrayal of the mission of this Russian apostle.
Troubetzkoi must have loved Tolstoi with all his
deep nature, and it is the beatings of his heart
that have inspired his fingers and infused into the
inert clay a little of his love and admiration. It
remains to add that from the technical point of
view the work is excellent.

Paul Troubetzkoi appears at present to be

striving towards the attainment of a more refined
perfection, and if he can successfully attain that
pureness without losing anything of his natural
talent, his instinctive qualities and his powerful
emotional force, there is no eminence to which he
may not attain. A. S.


A big man with a big heart, who paints big
pictures with big brushes in a big studio—this is
the first impression of Julius Olsson. The second
is that these broadly seen and broadly painted
pictures are instinct with the spirit and power of
the sea, and remarkable for their extremely fine
colour schemes, which embrace the most delicate
and subtle harmonies and the boldest contrasts.
This ability to interpret the sea throughout the

'the stokm" (Gold Medal,. Paris Salon, 1903) by julius olsson

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