International studio — 39.1909/​1910(1910)

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National Society of Craftsmen



A new note in the pottery exhibit was the work pieces carefully worked out in design and color,
of Miss Brown, of the Bowl Shop of Boston. The Among the textiles were many fine pieces in weav-
pieces were simple and artistic and adapted for ing, block-printing, stenciling and needlework,
table use. Some children's bread-and-butter sets Miss Hicks had a number of scarfs in the tied and
were of special interest. Among the exhibit of dyed work which were unusual in color. Mrs. W.
porcelains were interesting pieces by the Misses P. Hibler had an exhibit of Italian cut work de-
Mason, Middleton, Ehelers and others. signed especially to be used with her ceramic work.

In the leather department Miss Caroline Hibler The pupils of the Y. W. C. A. exhibited individ-

had on exhibition a number of pieces in tooled and ually, but, as a whole, the work showed careful

colored leather. Several shopping bags and book training in design and execution. Clever effects

racks showed a departure from the severe sim- are gained in some of the textile work by combina-

plicity so commonly affected in craft work and were tions of stenciling and darning,

designed with a purpose of showing refinement of Miss Elna M. de Neegard had some very good

line and color. Among her pieces in stenciled examples of weaving. In the department of jewelry

leather is a pillow of gray suede which has a blend- about five hundred examples of individual crafts-

ing of gray and violet, showing an unusually soft manship were shown. Among the work may be

effect. This is gained by a new process of working mentioned that of Mrs. Mabel Mason Bowdoin,

dies into the leather. Miss Hazen, Floyd Nask Ackley, C. J. Busck,

Miss Bella M. Shope showed attractive work in Julius Gregory, C. H. Johonnot, Eleanor Deming,

tooled leather enriched with dies and Cordova gold Harriet Keith Fobes, Mabel W. Luther, Brainerd

leaf. The Campanero Shop had a number of B. Thresher and Paul Shramm.

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