International studio — 34.1908

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Reviews and Notices


snow being very felicitious, and bis Fields in
Spring was also a charming piece of colouring.
Ludwig Vagatko’s Athletes was remarkable for the
knowledge of anatomy it shows as also for the
light arrangement. Oskar Zwintscher (Dresden)
exhibited two thoughtful portraits of men, and a
nude figure of a youth lying full length and intently
regarding a lily held in his outstretched hand.
This work made a great impression. Among
others who helped to make this exhibition so
acceptable were Leo Delitz, Otto Barth, Hugo
Baar, Hugo Bottinger, Adolf Wolf-Rottenhan, Otto
Bauriedl, August Roth, Ludwig Kuba, Bedrich
Wachsmann, Karl Huck and Josef Beyer (see
pp. 81 and 84); and the lady artists, Frau Esser-
Reynier, Crete Brzezowsky, and Emilie Dworsky.

Count Herbert Schaffgotsch exhibited a series of
wood intarsias, the lights and shadows being ad-
mirably achieved, especially considering how hard
a material he had to manipulate. Of the sculp-
tors Karl Stemolak, Josef Heu and Elsa Kalmar
were well represented, nor must Franz Barwig be

passed over, for his wood sculpture was excellent.
Graphic art was well to the fore. Franz Simon’s
(Paris) etchings were extremely good, and Ferdinand
Michl (Paris) exhibited charming etchings and
monotypes; but more must be said of their work
another time. Oskar Laske, Ferdinand Staeger,
and Ferdinand Gold also sent good specimens of
their work. The exhibition was arranged by
Josef Urban, and was in every way a welcome one.
A. S. L.
George Morland: His Life and Works. By Sir
Walter Gilbey, Bart., and E. D. Cuming.
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tion to art literature on account of the completeness
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