International studio — 34.1908

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The Thor ley Memorial IVindow

terial and shape were of the utmost importance,
because, as he wrote to Isabella d’Este, “ Beauty
of form is everything”—11 Per die ne la forma sta
il tutoP
And so these great artists of the Renaissance
worked to surround themselves with all that was
choicest in art and fairest in nature.




A beautiful memorial window, in
antique glass, designed and painted by
Frances White, of the Walter Janes Studios, has
just been placed in the west transept in the Colle-
giate Church, on Seventy-
seventh Street and West End
Avenue, New York. This
window is the gift of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Thorley, in
memory of their daughter.
The flowing upward move-
ment of the slender forms is
brought out by means of care-
ful drawing and by free use
of drapery. The wings in the
higher portion of the window
are narrowed for upward
flight, while a sense of sta-
bility and form is preserved
by the three kneeling trump-
eters at the base. Decorative
effect is obtained by the sure-
ness and the restraint of the
modeling and the brilliancy
of the color. Mrs. White’s
modeling suggests only suffi-
cient depth to give the neces-
sary movement. The figures,
whiclYappear mainly on one
plane, do, nevertheless, keep
their places one behind an-
other without losing the spirit
of pure decoration. The
heavy lead lines which so
noticeably differentiate this
work from the ordinary “ pic-
ture window ” emphasize still
further the decorative idea.
The impression of depth is,
perhaps, suggested even more
by the slow shifting and deep-
ening of color than by the
drawing. The artist has
selected every piece of glass
used, and applied her touches
of brown paint to each color
alike. The choice of glass has
been so wide that the shading
has been indicated in many
by Frances white cases with little use of pig-

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