International studio — 34.1908

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The exhibition held by the National
Society of Craftsmen, of 119 East Nine-
teenth Street, New York, in the Galleries of the
National Arts Club, on Gramercy Park, in the
early part of December, seems to have aroused
a fresh interest in the public for the work of the
society. Many more visitors have come to the
‘studio, and the sales during the months of Decem-
ber and January reached a most satisfactory
figure. Many orders for work were taken by the
craftsmen during the December exhibition, and
they have been spending so much time in filling
them that little of interest has been sent to the
permanent exhibition, still maintained at the
society’s studio.
Arrangements are being made by a group of
bookbinders of the club to enlarge their exhibition
of well-bound books, and to include in it the kin-
dred art of illumination. Cases to hold the books
are now being installed in the upper gallery of the
rooms, and here the little group of bookbinders
propose to establish a permanent sales place for
themselves, and to keep their stock of books full
of finely bound and finished volumes so that some-
thing beautiful may always be found in this corner.
The committee in charge, which has busied itself
in calling out the work and interest of bookbinders
all over the country, comprises: Miss Adeline G.
Wykes, chairman and secretary; Miss Edith Diehl,
Miss Fanny Dudley, Miss Flora N. Hall, Mrs.
H. K. Pomeroy and Miss Helen Livingston Warren.
Some changes have been made in the arrange-
ment of goods. A case containing some fine over-
glaze painting has rendered one of the smaller
rooms more attractive, and the side-wall has been
covered with some of the exquisite tapestries
shown at the exhibition of December.
The craftsmen had the great pleasure of listen-
ing to a short, informal talk by Sir Purdon Clarke,
who spoke on craftwork in the studios of the
society, on the evening of January 23.
The First Annual Exhibition of Advertising
Art, which was to open February 19, at the Galleries
of the National Arts Club, is to remain on view
until March 1. The exhibition, which is under
the direction of the committee on publication
of the National Arts Club, will contain some
attractive specimens of art as it is applied to adver-
tising, such as magazine and newspaper advertising
designs, posters, covers of catalogues, booklets,
folders, pamphlets and magazine covers.

The “Special Exhibition of Contem-
porary Art” at the galleries of the
National Arts Club, which closed during
the last week of January, contained most interesting
examples of unconventional painting. Among the
notable works shown were: The Hudson Above
W eehawken and The Hudson Near Rond out, by
Leon Dabo; Evening Glow and Moonlight at
Boidonge, by T. Scott Dabo; The Spielers and
Child 0f the Slums, by George Luks. A lifelike,
virile portrait of Paul Cornoyer was shown by
Irving R. Wiles. Mr. Cornoyer’s Madison Square
in a snow storm hung on the same wall. Eduard
Steichen was represented by his Nocturne 0f the
Black Women; John Sloan by The Look of a
Woman, and Eugene Higgins by Homeless, The
Night Prowler and Along the River.
Among other artists represented were: J. H.
Twachtman and James McNeill Whistler, whose
Portrait of Mrs. Louis Jarvis occupied a prominent
position; William M. Chase, William S. Sartain,
Childe Hassam, Rockwell Kent, Homer Boss,
Everett Shinn, Mrs. Charlotte Coman, Carl
Sprinchorn and Robertson Mygatt.
Among the examples of sculpture were included:
The Universal Mother, by Carl Haag; The Tunis-
ian Jewess, by Louis Potter; the Lions, by Arthur
Putnam; the Performing Bear and Playing Leop-
ards, by Eli Harvey; the Newly Roped Wild LJorse,
by Solon Borglum; Miss Eberle’s Dancing Girls,
and the Goblins, by Chester Beach.
A collection of prints, etchings and drawings
were also on view, among the artists contributing
being Miss Boughton, Miss Brigman, Mrs. Kase-
bier, Frank Eugene, George H. Seeley, Alfred
Stieglitz, C. H. White, Alvin Langdon Coburn,
J. T. Kelley, Joseph Pennell, C. Washburn, Miss
Cassatt, George Senseney, C. M. Platt, D. S.
MacLaughlan and Miss Pamela Coleman Smith.
An Exhibition by Contemporary Painters was
opened at the galleries of the National Arts Club,
February 1. This exhibition, under the super-
vision of Frank Vincent Du Mond, contained
examples of work by Jules Turcas, Gifford Beal,
Allen B. Talcott, Paul Dougherty, William R.
Foote, Robert David Gauley, Henry Golden
Dearth, Leonard Ochtmann, Emil Carlsen, Hugo
Ballin, Albert Groll, Charles Hawthorne, F.
Ballard Williams, F. Luis Mora, William S. Robin-
son and W. L. Lathrop.
Announcements of various events scheduled for
March will be found on another page.

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