International studio — 34.1908

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‘‘the meadow and the mill


interesting, both on account of its accomplishment
and promise. Robert Hope’s portrait of Mrs.
Gibson, wife of the Lord Provost of the city, is not
only an excellent likeness, it is one of the outstand-
ing portraits in the exhibition. A portrait of Dr.
Maurice Paterson, by Henry Kerr, is deftly drawn,
and J. C. Michie appears to advantage in a fancy
portrait of a lady, which is brilliant in colour and
unusually free in handling. Two portraits by
Fiddes Watt evince power of characterisation, par-
ticularly that of Hon. Sheriff-substitute Wallace-
Tain. W. A. Gibson, one of the younger Glasgow
artists, exhibits a canal scene in Amsterdam of strong
quality of colour and sound technique. There are
good landscapes by Taylor Brown and James
Riddell ; and Mason Hunter has a charming view
of fishing boats in Loch Fyne. W. M. Frazer is
well represented by a picture of reeds blown by the
wind, and Graham Glen by the study of a girl in
Meditation, which has been purchased by the
Scottish Modern Arts Association.
In the water-colour room, E. A. Walton revives
memories of his earlier work by his charming land-
scape of The Meadow and the Milt, beautifully

composed, and realising a noonday effect in brilliant
sunshine. Henry Kerr shows two Irish character
studies, a field of work in which he stands alone
among Scottish artists ; and Thomas Scott shows a
Border landscape well drawn and under the glow of
warm mellow light. Fine aerial perspective and
breadth of effect characterise R. B. Nisbet’s The
Snow Cloud, and there are interesting drawings by
Edwin Alexander, Miss Preston Macgoun, R. G.
M. Coventry, James Cadenhead, and a powerful
piece of architectural work in J. S. Sargent’s Santa
Maria Della Salute.
Among the sculpture, the outstanding work is
Rodin’s Love the Conqueror, remarkable for the
softness of the modelling. A. Eddington.
(From Our Own Correspondents.)
ONDON.—Our coloured supplement is
by Mr. Henry Boddington, a gifted
amateur whose work shows an apprecia-
tion of colour and a skill of manipulation
which entitle his work to recognition amongst
that of the professional brush. Mr. Boddington
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