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The Applied Arts

design destined to appear at the Chicago Exhibi- edges of his forms has a most telling and beautiful

tion, the " Piccolomini," which, though elaborate effect. The " Isis " is gorgeous in wash colours on

enough to require twenty-four blocks to print, is gold. The frieze belonging to it is both original

yet admirably bold and decorative. The spiral r

growth of the foliage is a fine piece of draughts-

Mr. Walter Crane has designed a paper, reserved,
like Mr. Day's "Piccolomini," for Chicago. It
goes by the name of "The Trio." The striking
speciality of this design is a pilaster strip with
allegorical figures, whose meaning is best conveyed
by the couplet shown upon the pages of an open

" Life's home to deck come Graces three :
Music, Painting, Poesy."

The details of the canopies under which the figures
stand recall the fantastic Gothic style of Mr.
Crane's nursery paper, " The House that Jack
built." The filling paper of the "Trio" design is
made in flock in different tones of golden brown;
the pattern comprising peacocks, lilies, pomegra-
nates, and apple-trees. The frieze belonging to this
paper is larger than is usual for a frieze, being
twenty-four inches deep. It is a fine conception,
and contains a pair of starlings, vigorously drawn.
Mr. C. F. A. Voysey's " Isis " design looks well

wall-paper. by c. jeffrey and co.
designed by c. f. a. voysey

and artistic. It contains a continuous wave of
grey birds flying amid the stalks of yellow poppies,
around whose roots bloom roses and fritillaries.
This frieze is so rich and satisfying in itself that it
seems to need nothing but a plain paper on the
wall space beneath it. Mr. Sydney Mawson's
" Spencer" design of carnations and peonies sug-
gests Persian influence, though it is by no means a
copy of Persian work. It is splendid on a coppery-
red ground. It has an equally fine frieze to go
with it. Mr. H. W. Batley's design hardly betrays
the fact that he was trained under the late Mr.
Talbert. The ingenuity of the designer in pro-
ducing so large and handsome a pattern with a
comparatively simple unit deserves to be noted.
The design is highly conventional, and one can
scarcely recognise in the details any natural forms
except the pomegranate.

The services of two fresh designers of wall-
papers have been engaged by Messrs. Jeffrey & Co.
in the production of two most successful designs.
wall-paper, by c. jeffkey and co. Mr. Heywood Sumner's "Tulip" paper with a

designed by sydney mawson frl.eze to ^ch, is to be had in wash colours on

mica as well as in flat colours. T. he heliotrope
v of the several ways in which it is printed, shade of the tulips strikes a new note in wall-paper
L«yr^cXlyir, wash colours on a mica colouring. "The Seasons," by Mr. W. S. Black, is
1 j maiirina] line a successful treatment of the human form intro-

ground With this treatment the marginal line
which Mr. Voysey is wont to leave round the outer duced into repeated ornament.

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